Water Storage Tanks for Africa

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The Use of Water Storage Tanks in Various Industries

Imagine a world where no one paid for water…

Let’s face it; South Africa is in dire need of better infrastructures regarding water in most parts of the country. Many South Africans and Africans alike do not have direct access to clean running water, and the citizens who do have running water in their homes take it for granted. Apart from the domestic water crisis, the industrial water usages across the country are elevated in times of little rain and this impacts our general need for fresh water on a regular basis.

Rainbow Reservoirs has a solution for most of the water shortages in South Africa.

Water Storage TanksBenefits of water storage tanks are:

– Saving on your monthly water bill.
– Making some businesses more profitable.
– Relieving strain on your town’s water demand.
– Reducing the need for chemical purification of water.
– Conserving water for irrigation of agricultural purposes in times of drought.
– Rainwater can be used for a variety of purposes other than ingestion, like flushing toilets as well as all kinds of cleaning purposes.
– Uninterrupted water supply when there is maintenance on water pipes.
– Our tanks can be tailored to your specific requirements.
– Rainbow tanks have a 12-year warranty.
– You can always purify the stored water for consumption.

Let’s take a look at the various industries that can benefit from using water tanks…

Domestic Water Storage Tanks:

Did you know that a substantial amount of our clean water is lost through leaking taps or broken underground pipes? We might not be able to change these variables, but we can prevent water shortages at our homes by harvesting rainwater. Ins a reservoir that has the ideal capacity to meet your family’s domestic water demands will decrease your water bill each month. It is also an environmentally friendly way to access clean water, as it does not have to undergo chemical purifying procedures.

Some people use the harvested rainwater for a variety of reasons; people with big yards save on their water bill by using rainwater to water the gardens and other people use it as drinking water for their pets. Horses and other livestock consume lots of water on a daily basis and using rainwater not only saves money, but it is rich in minerals as well.

Rainwater can be used to wash floors, windows, dishes, clothes, cars, pets and much more. Added together, this is a considerable amount of water that you would normally obtain from the municipality and you would have to pay for it. Rainbow Water Tanks allows the everyday citizen to have an independent water source available at all times.

Commercial Water Storage Tanks:

Rainbow Water TanksThis industry is particularly dependent on water to function optimally. The demand for clean water is very high and without it, much of the commercial industry would come to a standstill. Restaurants depend on water to function and if all the restaurants in South Africa had access to rainwater, their municipal water demand would be cut in half, of even less.

Carwash businesses would benefit greatly from a big water reservoir on site, collecting rainwater that would otherwise have gone to waste. If a carwash can advertise that it is going green and using rainwater to wash cars, it would attract more clients who are going green as well.

Other municipal services could also benefit from collecting rainwater, like firefighters. The large amount of water needed to extinguish fires could be satisfied by the use of rainwater – imagine making it rain when you need it most – by pre-collecting rainwater and having it available when a fire breaks loose would not only save time, but it could save lives.

Industrial Water Storage Tanks:

Generating electricity is also dependent on water in some places. Water is used for cooling in some energy plants and as the actual method of energy generation in other plants – hydroelectric power sustains countless people across the globe, so imagine how much a hydroelectric plant would benefit from a few of our reservoirs.

When refining fuels like uranium, oil or natural gas, substantial amounts of water is needed to turn it into a useable fuel. Rainwater will have to undergo certain purification methods before it can be used for this purpose, but it will still be less expensive than paying the municipality for the water needed in these processes.

There is a substantial amount of industrial businesses that use hundreds of litres of water on a weekly basis for cleaning purposes. All that water goes to waste in the end, but if it was rainwater, it would not affect the municipal water supply in any way.

Agricultural Water Storage Tanks:

Rainbow Water TanksDoesn’t it make absolute sense to use rainwater as irrigation for plantations and other farmlands? If the farmers in South Africa collected rain water all year round, they would not have to depend on municipalities for their water supply when rain is scarce and their dams are empty.

The amount of water that farmers need to ensure their crops are healthy and receiving optimal nutrients is more than you might imagine. Usually, they would be watering their fields with the water that collects in man-made dams, and when it rains, they don’t need to irrigate as often, but what happens when we receive very little rain?

By collecting rainwater from the roofs of farmhouses and storage facilities, as well as the roofs of the water tanks, farmers can build up a great supply of water to use for irrigation in times of drought.
Livestock also consumes a large amount of water on dairy farms and the like; farmers can purify rainwater and use it as drinking water for their animals, which would also save on their monthly water bill and it can prevent poisoning from water pollution.


As is evident from the above examples – water tanks can be more than beneficial in various industries and they serve a greater purpose in the overall water preservation of our country. Contact Rainbow Reservoirs to see how you can start saving water today…


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