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Water Reservoirs Nigeria

For the people of Nigeria getting clean safe drinking water is a constant daily struggle. Thousands of people in the country die annually of unsafe water related illnesses. Political unrest, Pollution and corruption are further aggravating factors that contribute to water shortages in Nigeria.
Millions of litres of Rainwater that fall on the earth are lost through evaporation or being soaked up by the ground. This is water that is perfectly suitable for use in household activities, irrigation and commercial and industrial activities. By applying the process of rainwater harvesting – the collection and storage of rainwater in tanks or reservoirs – the plight of the people on the Nigeria can to a large degree be alleviated. By introducing them to the conservation of water they can adapt to the situation and improve their quality of life.

Rainbow Reservoirs – Ultimate Supplier of Water Reservoirs Nigeria

Rainbow Reservoirs is committed to water storage solutions for Nigeria. We are based in Polokwane, South Africa from where we supply and install the best product available in Africa for the storage of up to 2 000 000 million litres of water. Our reservoirs conform to the highest international standards and are designed to improve both the quality and quantity of rainwater collection on the Nigeria

Our Value

Nigeria Water Tank Supplier for the design and installation of Aluzinc® Tanks

Not only do we design our tanks and reservoirs to withstand the harshest of climates in Africa, but also to outshine those of our competitors. Our water storage systems are of exceptional quality. We use only the best quality Aluzinc® steel in the construction process. Aluzinc® alloy coated structural steel is highly corrosion resistant and delivers a durable product with a lifespan of more than forty years. LLDPE (.75mm solid film, low-density polyethylene) that remains inert under extreme conditions, is elastic and highly durable, and conform to international food-grade standards are used by us to line the reservoirs. A domed roof that balances perfectly with the steel walls ensures stability of the reservoir and keeps the light and dirt out.

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Easy installation of high quality water storage tanks by Rainbow Reservoirs

Our modular designed tanks and reservoirs can be installed within one day. For a reservoir with a capacity of 400 000 litres or smaller, only a sand-base is needed for construction. We require of our customers to prepare the sand-base beforehand as per our instructions. For the installation of water storage tanks with a capacity of more than 400 000 up to 2 000 000 litres, a concrete base is needed.

We are often asked the question – Why choose Rainbow Reservoirs as the preferred supplier of Water Reservoirs Nigeria. The answer is quite simple!

We provide the best quality water storage solutions on the African continent and it comes with a 20 year guarantee! As the leading Nigeria water tank supplier, we use only the latest gutter technology in the manufacturing process. Our products are quick and easy to assemble.
The modular design of our reservoirs ensure that it can be moved around easily and even relocated if necessary. Our products are resistant to alkalis, acids, salts, effluent and some organic solvents. We design reservoirs that comply to international standards as set for liquid storage tanks worldwide.

Some interesting facts to ponder when considering the installation of tanks:
It requires less material to build a round water tank than a boxed water tank.
A round water tank is stronger than a box-like tank. It is more successful in withstanding the outward-directed force of water that is stored within as well as the outward force of rain and wind that impacts upon the structure.
Water that is stored in a round tank is less affected by temperature fluctuations.
It is much easier to keep a round tank clean than a boxed-tank.

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Obtaining safe clean drinking water is a severe problem in Africa where there is often only one river that runs through several villages. The people of these villages have to travel many kilometres in the scorching African sun to fetch water in pots and cans for drinking and domestic use. At Rainbow Reservoirs we are committed to assist the people of the following African countries in their daily challenge by providing them with high quality effective water storage systems that will improve their quality of life: Kenya, Namibia, Malawi, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Mozambique, Zambia.