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Desalination is a process whereby minerals are extracted from saline water in order for produce fresh water suitable for human consumption or irrigation. The basic principles of desalination are not a new invention – for hundreds of years people have been distilling salt water into drinking water. Today, many populations in water-scarce regions such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar depend entirely on thousands of large-scale, cutting-edge, high-pressure reverse osmosis desalination processes for their survival. Most of the water used in Israel, is processed through desalination plants. This trend is set to increase around the globe since the UN predicts that 14% of the population worldwide, will experience severe water-scarcity by 2025.

South Africa is no exception when it comes to countries experiencing water shortages. The current water crisis has compelled government to embark upon desalination projects as a solution to the country’s ever-increasing water predicament. It is envisaged that up to 10% of South Africa’s urban water supply may be generated by desalination plants within the next 15 years.

desalination tanks

Other quality features of Aluzinc reservoirs

Rainbow Reservoirs is a manufacturer, supplier and installer of Aluzinc sectional steel desalination tanks capable of withstanding the corrosive indices typical of high salt or saline water environments. All materials and components utilized in the construction of our engineer-designed, structurally certified desalination tanks are specifically selected for their anti-corrosive properties and specially coated to enhance their corrosion resistant properties. Accordingly, our bolted panel desalination tanks and drinking water storage tanks have been selected to play a pivotal role in desalination plants currently being developed to provide desalinated potable water to parts of the Cape Province.

Rainbow Reservoirs desalination tanks ranging in capacity from 5000l to 2600Kl, are able to be installed throughout Africa and can be customised to fully conform to our customer’s individual needs and requirements.

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Other quality features of Aluzinc reservoirs

Only durable, no-maintenance components are used in the construction process, including heavy duty, portable food grade liners of superior quality. The steel dome roof balances perfectly with the steel walls and comes with an optional gutter system for the harvesting of rainwater. The reservoirs are available in various colours. The modular design ensures that it can be flat-packed for easy transportation and export. For businesses/entities who prefer to do the construction and installation themselves it comes with a DIY option.
Rainbow Reservoirs offer a 12 year warranty!
Our expertise and knowledge have made us the leading suppliers of reservoirs for commercial use throughout Africa