10 % discount on the price of your tank. Offer valid from 1 May 2024 to 30 June 2024

📌 Please note that the 10% discount is applicable to the tank price only and does not apply to installation, transport, or fittings.


Water Tank help & support

Why should I buy from Rainbow Reservoirs?

Simply because Rainbow Reservoir products are the best in Africa, backed by professional and passionate service always.

Does my tank need a concrete base?

Not if your tank is less than 400,000 litres.

What are the reservoir walls made of?

Our attractive steel wall profile is roll-formed using only Aluzinc sheeting. The reservoir walls are made of a minimum 1 mm steel unless otherwise stated. This is thicker than that of most of our competitors.

What is your liner made of?

Rainbow Reservoirs liners are made of 1000gsm RPVC potable water material which conforms to International Food Grade Quality and Australian Standards for drinking water (AS4020).

What do I get with my reservoir?

Rainbow Reservoirs supplies all the accessories required. 1 x 50mm outlet with ball valve for your pump, 1 x 50mm outlet for fire fighting, overflow, leaf basket, lockable manhole and a full length detachable ladder.

What is my responsibility before the reservoir is installed?

Make sure that the sand pad (or concrete base where applicable) has been properly prepared according to our pre-installation instructions.

What do I need to have organised on the day of installation?

Ensure that at least 10,000 litres of water is put into the reservoir immediately after assembly.

What is the warranty?

Rainbow Reservoirs products have a 12-year warranty.

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