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Water Reservoirs Zimbabwe

Nobody on planet earth can survive without water – we need it to drink; cook our food; to wash our clothes; to bath in; in our cars where it act as coolant; in different industries it is needed for manufacturing processes. The people of Zimbabwe are experiencing tough times because of the scarcity of this precious commodity in their country. Government simply lack the will to provide the greater part of Zimbabwe with its ever growing population with a sufficient infrastructure of pipes and taps that will ensure clear drinking water. In some rural areas people resort to desperate measures to alleviate the problem. They drink water from polluted rivers resulting in cholera outbreaks and other diseases that are fatal. Zimbabwe who was once known as the “breadbasket” of Africa now struggle with critical food shortages, directly related to water shortages. Irrigation farming in Zimbabwe has come to a standstill with virtually no prospect of resuming in the near future.

Although Zimbabwe is a country with minimum rainfall, the process of rainwater harvesting of the rainfall that is received in the country, can go a long way to alleviate the problem and improve the water supply in Zimbabwe. The collection and storage of rainwater in tanks and reservoirs during the rainfall season can ensure an optimal supply of good quality water during the scarce times for domestic, industrial, agricultural and commercial use. Rainwater is soft and relatively pure. It possesses no man-made contaminants, minerals or salts. It leaves no scale-build up in appliances such as kettles and geysers. The conservation of water in Zimbabwe through high quality reservoirs and tanks is now possible thanks to Rainbow Reservoirs – the leading supplier of Zimbabwe Reservoirs

Water Tanks Zimbabwe

Suppliers of Aluzinc® Reservoirs in Zimbabwe

The dedicated and carefully selected network of distributors of Rainbow Reservoirs throughout Africa has now incorporated Zimbabwe in the network for the supply of water reservoirs that conforms to the highest standards in design and construction. We provide the market in Zimbabwe with the finest Aluzinc® reservoirs and water storage tanks. Aluzinc® is a G-300 alloy coated structural steel that is highly resistant to corrosion. Aluzinc® water storage systems are ideally suited for a wide range of applications. The Agricultural sector uses it for irrigation, for supplying livestock with drinking water and processes associated with poultry farming. In the Mining and Industrial Sectors Aluzinc® water tanks are applied for the storage of water to be used in waste water treatments, domestic use, manufacturing plants and many more. The commercial sector, etc. shopping malls, schools, hospitals and many more, make us of our rainbow tanks to collect and store water for their daily operations, resulting in a significant cut in the utilities bill at the end of the month.

Water Reservoirs Zimbabwe | Water Tanks Zimbabwe

Leading Tank Manufacturer Zimbabwe

Rainbow Reservoir tank manufacturer in Zimbabwe construct only the best quality tanks and reservoirs with a capacity of 2000 000 litres and smaller. We use only the highest quality Standard Components and can provide the customer with optional accessories such as level gauges, magnesium anodes (designed to provide protection against corrosion and increase life expectancy of our reservoirs) and a scour drain (allows for the removal of sludge build-up on the reservoir floor). The practical domed roof and outer steel walls of the reservoirs are designed for perfect balance and exceptional strength. We line the inside of the reservoir with .75mm thick EVA liners that conform to international food-grade standards. Depending on our customers’ requirements, reservoirs are available in different sizes and height and we even provide different colour options to choose from.

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Suppliers of Aluzinc Tanks for Industrial use

The modular Rainbow Reservoirs are very easy to transport and install. Depending on the size of the tanks, installation can be done in only one day! Should you require a reservoir with a capacity of 400 000 litres or less, we can construct the reservoirs on a sand base in one day’s time. All that is required from the customer is to prepare the sand base as per our instructions and to ensure that they adhere to all plans and by-laws. For the installation of water storage tanks with a capacity of more than 400 000 litres, a concrete base is needed. Because of its modular construction, reservoirs can be easily moved and relocated.
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Industrial Reservoirs

As much as 40% of 783 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa do not have access to safe clean water. To provide in this most basic need for survival is what drives us as at Rainbow Reservoirs to supply effective water storage solutions to the following African countries: Kenya, Namibia, Malawi, Botswana, Ethiopia, Angola, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Mozambique, Zambia.