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Commercial Water Tanks

Supplier of Water Tanks for Commercial use

It is unthinkable that we can get along today without a constant supply of water in our daily lives. But we do not only need water for human survival – it is also very necessary for use in commercial operations that provide a service, etc. restaurants need water to supply meals and clean up afterwards; without water cars would go unwashed, extinguishing fires(without the help of ASIB approved steel fire protection tanks ) would be extremely difficult; golf courses and recreational parks would look drab and dreary without green grass; offices won’t be able to operate after a while because there are no water for drinking or use in the bathrooms; the same applies to public shopping centres. Soon we will be living in a very dark world, because water is needed to generate electricity for lighting.

Commercial Water Storage Systems.

The conservation of water through the process of collecting and storing water (also known as rainwater harvesting) by means of tanks or reservoirs have become increasingly important as local authorities progressively fail to provide the commercial sector with a constant, uninterrupted flow of water for daily operations. Making use of stored water cuts the utilities bill, which in turn can assist in making businesses more profitable.
Rainbow Reservoirs have been suppliers and installers of commercial water storage systems throughout Africa since 2003. We provide the commercial market in South Africa and various countries throughout Africa, with water storage tanks that can withstand the harshest of climates, are maintenance-free and also aesthetically pleasing.


Commercial Tank Installers

Our commercial water storage solutions are designed and tailor-made to suit specific requirements. The installation process is quick and easy.
For the installation of reservoirs for commercial use with a capacity of 400 000 litres or less, a concrete foundation is not needed – we assemble it directly on a sand base.
We erect Reservoirs with a capacity that exceed 400 000 litres on a concrete slab or ring beam base.
For more info on the details and specs / drawings of the base – please contact us.
Suppliers of Aluzinc Tanks for the Commercial Sector
We supply and install Aluzinc tanks with a capacity of 38 000 to over 2 million litres. Because of its double protection mechanism (1.5% silicon, 55% aluminium and 43.5% zinc) and resultant superior coating, Aluzinc tanks are the ultimate choice when it comes to areas that experience high corrosion levels.

Other quality features of Aluzinc reservoirs

Only durable, no-maintenance components are used in the construction process, including heavy duty, portable food grade liners of superior quality. The steel dome roof balances perfectly with the steel walls and comes with an optional gutter system for the harvesting of rainwater. The reservoirs are available in various colours. The modular design ensures that it can be flat-packed for easy transportation and export. For businesses/entities who prefer to do the construction and installation themselves it comes with a DIY option.
Rainbow Reservoirs offer a 12 year warranty!

Our expertise and knowledge have made us the leading suppliers of reservoirs for commercial use throughout Africa