Reservoir the water storage solution

Although the largest part of the earth is made of water, not all of it can be used. We cannot use the water in the oceans and seas for drinking water or any other domestic, industrial, or agricultural purposes. The result is a constant shortage of water that is suitable for use by humans or other applications. Areas on our planet with minimal rainfall that result in constant water shortage problems have come up with the solution of collecting rainwater and storing it in a reservoir for future use. This method of collecting and storing rainwater soon spread to other areas that experience plenty of rainfall, resulting in the formation of a modern rainwater harvesting system.

Usually, when it rains, the rain water pours from the roof, down through the gutters and off into the street. Rainwater harvesting prevents the loss of thousands of litres of water for use on our planet through the process of rainwater collecting and storing it in specially developed water storage tanks or cisterns for later use.

Water conservation through the practice of collecting and storing rainwater is thousands of years old. Its popularity has gained momentum all over the world, because of the excellent natural qualities of rainwater – free from pollutants, minerals, salts and man-made contaminants. Another reason why rainwater harvesting has gained popularity is because of a reduction in the consumption of portable water – mainly because of the lack of proper maintenance of water systems.

Conserving water is in the interest of every inhabitant of planet Earth, and rainwater harvesting is the obvious method to apply to achieve this. It is suitable for large-scale landscapes, etc. City parks, Commercial Sites, Schools, Industrial sites, Apartment complexes as well as on smaller scale such as a water tank for bulk water storage in your backyard or on the farm.

Reservoir the water storage solution

Ease of Maintenance – To purify drinking water is a complicated and expensive process, whereas the systems for collection and storage of rainwater are based on simple technology. The maintenance of a water storage tank requires little time and effort.

Water Bill reduction – The utility bills of households, businesses and large industrial operations can be significantly reduced when they apply the method of harvesting rainwater for everyday use/operations. In turn, it prevents the depletion of existing water sources.

Suitable for Irrigation – Water storage systems are relatively inexpensive to build and because rainwater is free from pollutants, it can be safely applied to the irrigation of agricultural land or in your own garden.


Reduction in the demand on Groundwater – The demand for groundwater increases in accordance with an increase in the human population. This, in turn, leads to a depletion of groundwater in areas where water is already scarce.

Can be applied for non-drinking purposes. Rainwater can be applied for the washing of clothes, washing the dishes, flushing the toilet, washing the car, watering of the garden to name but a few.

Improvement in the growth of plants – Because stored rainwater does not contain man-made contaminants, pollutants, salts or minerals it is ideal for irrigation purposes.

Rainwater is a free resource – available to everybody for use.

The harvesting of rainwater directly into a water storage tank above the ground or underground, is the ideal method for the conservation of rainwater, especially in areas where water is already scarce. In Africa with its harsh climate and minimum rainfall and lack of underground water systems, millions of people have to do without a constant supply of odourless, colourless and tasteless water to drink. Rainwater stored in tanks or reservoirs can provide a large part of the African population with a relatively inexpensive solution to the portable drinking water problem that has become synonym with the continent.

Reservoir Suppliers

Rainbow Reservoirs, based in Johannesburg, South Africa provide cost effective water storage tanks throughout Africa.

As the leading manufacturer and supplier of cost-effective tanks, we are passionate about the conservation of water. We have been South Africa and Africa’s preferred tank builders since 2003, providing the continent with the highest quality tanks for different applications including:

Domestic/Rural – Residential developments , Private Homes, Townships.

Commercial – Hospitals, Golf courses, shopping centres, schools.

Agriculture – Irrigation, Poultry, Livestock, Forestry, Packhouses, Aquaculture.

Industrial – Waste water, Chemical effluents, Fire-fighting, Mining.

Reservoir Construction

As the leading tank manufacturers in South Africa we provide reservoirs that is stronger and more durable than those of our competitors.

The skilled assembly teams of Rainbow Reservoirs are expert reservoir builders who design and install high quality water storage systems in different shapes – Round or Box Shape tanks. It has a capacity of up to 400 000 litres and can be constructed on a sand base, making reservoir relocation very easy to execute. Our high quality reservoir tanks with roof (manufactured from galvanised steel) can be fitted with a gutter system to provide a large surface area that is perfect tot the harvesting of rainwater directly into the tank.

Suppliers of Aluzinc tanks

The structural engineering of Aluzinc reservoirs make them suitable to be used in earthquake zones and regions prone to high wind activity. The lightweight steel shell of high strength together with the water storage liner provide a flexible and durable top quality water storage system.

Aluzinc reservoirs are suitable for various applications in the Industrial, Commercial, Agricultural, Public and Private Sector throughout South Africa and the rest of Africa.

Single Water Reservoir vs Tanks

The one question we are frequently asked is whether to install a single Rainbow reservoir or an array of plastic tanks?

There are several reasons why a single Reservoir tank is preferable to a number of plastic tanks. Two critical considerations are Cost and Space. Installing a single Rainbow tank cost significantly less than a number of plastic tanks making up a similar volume. A lack of adequate space is often an important factor when installing liquid storage solutions. When space is restricted, the installation of a single, Rainbow Reservoir tank requires much less space than a number of smaller tanks making up the same volume.

Other technical reasons why a single water storage reservoir is a better choice over a number of plastic tanks, etc. Temperature variance, Aesthetics, Cleaning between the tanks, Eco-friendly.

Rainbow Reservoirs has the solution to all your fluid storage/bulk water storage needs. As the expert tank builders and reservoir suppliers in South Africa we provide you with a well-constructed and durable product, designed to meet the application for which it is to be used and suitable to the environment and location in which it is operating.