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Industrial Water Tanks

Supplier of Water Tanks for Industrial use

Global water use has increased significantly in the industrial sector and according to projections it will continue to increase in the future.
Various industries are dependent on water for processing needs, landscaping, cooling, use in their kitchens and restrooms.

The Food and Beverage industry, manufacturing plants etc. tea and coffee, biscuit, bottling facilities, producers of beverages, are all dependent on a constant supply of water. Industries that process fruit, meat and vegetables require constant large amounts of water to provide us with food. Industries such as oil refineries need water to produce gasoline – a commodity without which we can scarcely afford to go. Production in the mining industry is largely dependent on the constant supply of water to its processing plants. Fire Fighting requires thousands of litres of water and Rainbow Reservoirs can assist with our ASIB approved steel fire protection tanks .

Industrial Water Storage Systems

The insufficient and interrupted water supply by municipalities to these industries have necessitated the need for emergency industrial water storage systems. The harvesting and storing of rainwater in reservoirs have proven to be a very effective measure in assisting companies to ensure a constant supply of water for operations and to cut the utilities bill.

Harvested rainwater can be stored in 
Rainbow Reservoirs rugged, durable and aesthetically pleasing water reservoir systems that require no maintenance and leave you with a hassle-free system that is capable of withstanding the harshest environment.

Industrial Water Tanks

Industrial Tank Installers

Our industrial water storage solutions are quick and easy to install and tailored to suit your specific requirements. The Installation of reservoirs of 400 000 litres or less do not require a concrete foundation but can be assembled directly on a sand base.

Reservoirs that have a capacity of more than 400 000 litres are erected on a concrete slab or a ring beam base. – For the specifications and details of the base – please 
contact us.

Our extensive and extremely satisfied customer base throughout Africa will attest to the high quality and standards that underpin the ethos of our company and the personalised on-site assembly service for which we are renowned.

Suppliers of Aluzinc Tanks for Industrial use

We install Aluzinc tanks with a capacity of 38 000 to over 4 million litres that can withstand the harshest of climates. The double protection mechanism of Aluzinc steel, which consist of 43.5% zinc, 55% aluminium and 1.5% silicon provide a superior coating, making these tanks extremely applicable for use in areas with high corrosion levels.


Other features of Aluzinc reservoirs 
include :

Aluzinc tanks are equipped with 720 gsm UV-stabilised, re-enforced, food grade quality liners to preserve water quality. They are available in various colours and can be installed permanently or temporarily – allowing the option to relocate. The steel walls of the reservoir are optimally balanced with the domed roof for maximum strength at a competitive price. Its modular design means it can be flat packed for easy transport and export. They come with a DIY option and best of all – a 12 year warranty!

As the leading suppliers of reservoirs throughout Africa for the industrial sector, we are confident that we can provide a water storage solution to every industry. Custom-built fire tanks are our speciality.