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Water Reservoirs Namibia

The country of Namibia faces a number of problems in supplying its residents with suitable drinking water, and water for other household purposes, largely because of the critical shortage of rainfall. High evaporation is the main cause of the loss of huge amounts of available water that could otherwise have been put to very good use. The government of Namibia has put into place a plan which consists of a pipeline system and canals that transfer water from the Okavango River to the central parts of the country. This proved to be a very costly venture and one that does not encourage the saving of a very scarce commodity in a country that consist largely of deserts.
Rainwater Harvesting – the process of collecting and storing rainwater in tanks or reservoirs for later domestic, agricultural, commercial and industrial use, is a practice that is becoming increasingly popular on the African continent. Rainwater is excellent for use because it is free of any chemical treatment and potential harm to the human body. It is soft – meaning no build-up of scale in appliances such as geysers, kettles and irons. When using rainwater, you can cut down significantly on the utilities bill every month and contribute to saving the available groundwater.

Namibia Water Tanks Builders

Although the use of tanks and reservoirs for water storage is not an entirely new concept, its popularity has increased during recent years thanks to advances in technology and engineering. Rainbow Reservoirs has provided the African market with cost effective, excellent quality water storage tanks with a capacity of 2 000 000 litres and smaller since 2003 and can rightfully be regarded as the leading tank manufacturer in Namibia. As the leaders in reservoir construction throughout Africa, we are passionate about providing the continent with high quality Aluzinc® reservoirs for rainwater harvesting and bulk water storage. Aluzinc® is a high quality, highly corrosion resistant G-300 alloy coated structural steel that is used in the manufacturing of the walls of the reservoirs. It gives our reservoirs it superior strength and durability of 40+ years and places us a cut above the rest of the reservoir suppliers in Namibia.

During the construction process the liners of Rainbow Reservoirs are made from the best quality 75mm solid film, linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) that meet international food-grade standards to maintain water quality. The qualities of LLDPE to remain elastic, durable and inert in the extreme climate conditions in Namibia contribute significantly to the high quality of our tanks.
The domed roof that keeps light and dirt out, add to the overall strength of the reservoirs. During the reservoir construction process we make sure that the domed roof balance perfectly with the walls for maximum strength.

We supply and install reservoirs with a capacity of up to 2 000 000 litres. Our skilled assembly teams can install water storage tanks with a capacity of 400 000 litres on a sand basis within one day. Installation of reservoirs with a higher capacity have to be done on a concrete base. All that is required of you is to fill the reservoir with 10 000 litres or less upon completion.

For more information on the specifications of reservoirs supplied by Rainbow Reservoirs – click here.


Why choose Rainbow Reservoirs as your preferred supplier of Aluzinc® Water Reservoirs Namibia?

Our high quality water storage solutions come with a 20 year warranty. As a leading manufacturer of reservoirs and tanks in Namibia, we use only the latest gutter technology in the manufacturing process. Incorporated into the design of our cost effective tanks is high quality heavy duty .75mm thick polyethylene (EVA) that is of international “food-grade” standard. The Reservoir walls are manufactured with high quality BlueScope Aluzinc® or Colorbond Steel.The assembly, installation and even relocation of of our modular reservoirs are quick, easy and inexpensive. Our quality water storage systems are resistant to salts, acids, alkalis and certain organic solvents.


As expert builders of water tanks in Namibia we are often asked the question: Why are round water tanks better than box shaped water tanks?

The answer can be found mainly in the structure of the tanks. Water Reservoirs have curved surfaces that enjoy a structural advantage over tanks with square or rectangular surfaces.

A water tank that is cylindrical has a smaller surface area than a box shaped water tank that hold the same amount of water – less building material is required which make it more economical to build. A round structure is the strongest geometrical structure and therefore much stronger than box-like alternatives. The round structure of our water tanks will more successfully withstand outward-directed force of the water that is stored within and the outward force of wind and rain that impacts upon the structure. A round structure minimizes the surface area through which heat can radiate which results in a more constant temperature of the enclosed water. The water stored in a reservoir is thus less affected by temperature fluctuations – it loses less heat in winter and gains less heat during summer. It is much easier to keep round tanks cleaner and more hygienic than those with corners.

Shouldn’t you too benefit from our excellent quality bulk water storage solutions?

In sad contrast with its immense beauty, Africa is the one continent in the world where the largest part of the population do not have access to safe clean drinking water. We at Rainbow Reservoirs have made it our mission to provide effective water storage solutions to the following African countries to ensure a sustainable future for all of its people: Kenya, Malawi, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Angola, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Mozambique, Zambia.