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Steel Water Tank

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In manufacturing, true ingenuity is always reflected in intuitive design.

That is why our design is based on our understanding that that water is your lifeblood.  

Rainbow Reservoirs (Pty) Ltd ®  is a highly respected reservoir manufacturer in South Africa.  This is a privilege we take very seriously.  Moreover, the reason why we are a preferred supplier to the water storage industry is that we manufacture water tanks that are outstanding in every respect!  

Scarcity of water

The scarcity of water and the resulting stringent regulations on the quality of water storage facilities imposed in Australia, and our knowledge of local conditions that face the industries in South Africa, resulted in Rainbow Reservoirs (Pty) Ltd aligning withHeritage Tanks (Pty) Ltd, Australia.   TheAustralian design and superior engineering adopted by Rainbow Reservoirs in South Africa ensured that we rapidly earned the recognition as leaders in the Sectional Steel Water Tank industry.  Our core values include superior components throughout, attention to detail, experiential expertise and exemplary service. Little wonder then, that our satisfied customers throughout Africa and beyond continue to place repeat business across all sectors including: Industrial, Agriculture, Mining, Commercial, Residential, Food Processing, Municipal, Fire-fighting, Desalination, Green Energy, and many more… Over the years, our tanks have been adapted and modified to suit the specific rigors and needs of the diverse sectors that we satisfy.  

 Aah, and what are these needs, you might ask?

Well, to answer that question, the first consideration must be storage of potable water. Our highest-grade liner material in which the water is stored, is certified for human potability. Water is therefore never directly in contact with the steel reservoir walls which are constructed of Zincalume – a hot-dipped alloy of aluminium, zinc and silicon that offers exceptionally high corrosion resistance.    

Our bulk liquid storage tanks are rapidly and easily erected.  In most industries, time is a critical factor. Our tanks are commissioned for full use immediately after installation! Locations – particularly in the agricultural and mining industries – can be situated in remote, rugged terrain.  What good would it be if a) you couldn’t transport your water tank to the location it was needed in, and b) it couldn’t be erected there?  The modular design of our water tanks, facilitates transportation to, and installation in rugged, remote locations. Depending on the size of water tank you choose, erecting the tank and its readiness for use as an onsite, on-tap, ready-to-use water storage tank could take anything between just two days to two weeks.

Our bulk water tank is furthermore designed to be tough, hassle-free and versatile, requiring little to no maintenance over its predicted 40-year life-span. Our tanks can also be re-located, should the need arise.

We also offer various colour options. The standard factory-finish of our tanks is Aluzinc® matt, metallic silver. Should you opt for a specific colour to suite your aesthetic preference, your chosen colour is factory-baked onto each individual Aluzinc® structural steel wall-plate using a colour-fast, powder coating process.
Another significant advantage of our steel water tank is that the anti-corrosive Zincalume alloy finish doesn’t require any galvanising or special anti-corrosive coating.  This ensures that you have a low maintenance water tank decade after decade!

Rainbow Reservoirs has offices and production facilities in Polokwane and Gauteng, South Africa. Modern, custom-built machinery and cutting-edge technology ensures streamlined production and shortened delivery times for rapid, reliable response to product delivery and installation.

We specialise in African projects. We are both comfortable and familiar with the harsh environments and diverse business cultures on the African continent. Qualified field supervisors and personnel are dispatched to remote sites, when or wherever they may be required for installations or on-site technical backup, to ensure flawless installations and customer satisfaction in every instance.

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