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Water Storage Tanks Mozambique

Mozambique is one of the African countries who have shown progress in the supply and management of water resources. However, people in the rural areas do not really benefit from the water reform strategies put in place by their government. Some of them still have to travel several kilometres and operate a hand pump to provide in their water requirements. Improvement of the current water situation in rural Mozambique, is very much dependent upon foreign investment – a situation that isn’t seen to improve much in the near future.

The harvesting of rainwater entails the collection and storage of rainwater in suitable containers, etc. water storage tanks or reservoirs. Rainwater is considered pure because it is free from pollutants, salts, minerals and man-made contaminants. However, millions of litres of rainwater (an estimated 70%) that is perfect for household, agricultural, industrial and commercial use, are lost every year due to the water simply being soaked up by the ground or evaporating into the air – A problematic situation that can largely be alleviated by harvesting of rainwater via a Rainbow Reservoir tank.

Mozambique Reservoir Suppliers

Rainbow Reservoirs is a leading supplier of reservoirs and tanks in Mozambique, who is dedicated to rainwater harvesting solutions. The provision of qualitative rainwater collection and storing solutions in Mozambique is our priority. We design and install cost effective water storage tanks and reservoirs with a capacity of 2 000 000 litres and smaller for the African market. Our superior tanks and reservoirs are designed to withstand the harshest of climates in Africa and outrank those of our competitors for the following reasons:

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Mozambique Water Storage Tanks – Excellent Quality & Cost Effective

Construction of Aluzinc® Water Storage Tanks Mozambique
Our team of expert reservoir builders in Mozambique are committed to the construction and installation of the highest quality water storage systems. We use only the best quality lightweight durable Aluzinc® alloy coated structural steel or colorbond sheeting in the construction process. Aluzinc® steel has proven its resistance to corrosion over and over. It can withstand the harshest of climates and are designed for a life span of more than forty years.
Heavy duty LLDPE (.75mm solid film linear low-density polyethylene) is used to line the Rainbow Reservoirs. LLDPE liners are manufactured to meet the highest international food grade standards to maintain water quality and even in the harshest of climates it succeeds in retaining its inert strength, durability and elasticity. The steel walls of the reservoirs balance perfectly with its practical domed roof structure to ensure optimal balance. As the preferred manufacturer of reservoirs in Mozambique, we fully comply with international standards set for high quality liquid storage tanks.

Accessories from Rainbow Reservoirs – Mozambique Reservoir Suppliers

Various accessories are available with a Rainbow Reservoir and include: lockable manhole, outlet with ball valve for the pump, fire fighting outlet, an overflow and leaf basket and a full length ladder that can be detached.

Installation of Quality Water Storage Solutions by expert Mozambique Reservoirs Suppliers

We have our own fully-trained skilled assembly teams who can install a reservoir in Mozambique with a capacity of 400 000 litres or less, within a day on a pre-prepared sand-base. For the installation of water tanks with a higher capacity – a concrete base is needed.

Please contact us for drawing and specifications should you require tank installation in Mozambique with a capacity of more than 400 000 litres.

For installation of tanks with a capacity of more than 400 000 litres – please contact Rainbow Reservoirs – the preferred Mozambique Reservoir Suppliers.

Click here to view the various steps involved in the installation of high quality water storage reservoirs supplied by Rainbow Reservoirs.

Water Storage Tanks Mozambique

Should I install various tanks or a single water reservoir?

We are of the opinion that installing a single water reservoir is preferable to installing a number of tanks of the same capacity for the following reasons:
Installing a single reservoir is more cost effective than installing various tanks that make up the same capacity as a reservoir. Where space is limited it is more effective to install a single reservoir as opposed to an array of tanks of the same volume. The domed roof of a reservoir offers a large surface from which rainwater can be collected, if fitted with a gutter system. In areas that are more prone to fluctuations in temperature – we recommend installing a single reservoir, because a large body of water is more resistant to variations in temperature than smaller bodies of water contained in a number of tanks.

Click here to view more about the models, sizes and capacities of Aluzinc® Reservoirs – supplied and installed by Rainbow Reservoirs – the leading Mozambique Reservoirs Suppliers.

There are many factors that contribute to Africa being a continent that faces constant challenges in providing its people with safe clean drinking water, etc unpredictable and inadequate rainfall, arid conditions, drought, pollution, mismanagement of water resources – the list is endless. The excellent water storage products on offer from Rainbow Reservoirs are aimed at assisting the people of the following African countries with sustainable water storage solutions: Kenya, Namibia, Malawi, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Angola, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Zambia.