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Elevated Water Tanks

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Success in business requires an honest appraisal of what the future will look like.

Government’s inability to supply a continuous, non-intermittent flow of power will impact profoundly on businesses in the future. Not only is there a higher demand for electricity due to standard, developmental reasons, but South Africa will also lose a quarter of its ageing existing coal-fired power plants that are supplying energy, over the next decade. Replacement costs of these plants are around R1 trillion according to Government estimates.

Anyone whose business relies on the constant supply of electricity must take this into account when planning for the future. Depending on your business, it might mean investing in generators; moving away from electricity powered equipment and finding alternative power generating systems.

Elevated Success!!!

Rainbow Elevated Water Storage Tanks can help you by still offering you all the water you need when you need it, but, added to that, a system that lessons the dependency of a power generated pump system to get the water to your outlet pipes. It’s a question of simple hydrodynamics!

Hydrodynamics, in a nutshell, this is what you need to understand it all.

Water pressure is a measure of the force that gets water to your outlet point. One bar is the force that’s needed to raise the water to a height of 10 metres. Elevation creates gravitational pressure so that, with the correct height, one can do away with the pump that’s required to get the water to the outlet point.

To calculate the gravitational pressure, use this formula: for every ten metres of height, 1 bar of pressure is created. Now, as an example, to run a household, the required pressure is 3 to 5 bar. That means you would require an elevation of 30 to 50 metres to get the necessary pressure at your outlet point, and, agricultural irrigation systems typically need 1,5 to 3 bar of pressure.

What you can deduce from all this is that an elevated water tank can lessen your dependency on power as it will use gravitational pressure to get the water to where you want it. Elevated water tanks are, in a word: reliable!!!

You can’t cut corners in a tank stand!

Rainbow elevated water tanks are certified engineer-designed water towers. The design and strength of the tower are critical! It will have to have the strength to carry the weight of the water tank – full of water, and, the design to withstand high winds that occur at elevated altitudes without buckling or toppling. The design should also take into consideration the least amount of damage to property in the event of an unlikely failure.

Additional options in the design include a caged external access ladder, internal ladders, hinged lockable manholes and afloat and pointer type water level indicators.

The round bolted steel water tanks offer further aid to the overall concept of an elevated tank as they provide less resistance to wind. So you can cut corners off your steel tank but never cut corners on the stand! We want you to be safe where ever you are!

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