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Modular Steel Water Tank

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At last! A liquid containment solution for every eventuality! Meet the robust, no-pain Modular Steel Water Tank!

Looking for a tough modular steel water tank that’s hassle-free, versatile and easy to install? Look no further! We offer you Zincalume®, a steel water tank that’s hot-dipped in an alloy of aluminium, zinc and silicon to provide you with the best protection against corrosion. The unique modular panelled water tank can withstand anything from the rough terrain of the mining industry to storing the hazardous liquids associated with this industry. It even satisfies the strict quality control and health and safety standards of the Fire Protection Agencies.

The inner liner has been made to stringent specifications to ensure the inside contents never come into contact with the steel outer frame. Essentially this means that contamination, either way, is eliminated – nothing outside will affect the water inside, and, if it’s waste you’re storing, nothing inside will contaminate the outside!!

Unbeatable versatility!

The Steel water tanks are suitable for industries including Mining, Fire Protection, Municipal, Water Conservation, Food & Beverage and Agricultural. You’ll find a tank that suits your exact requirement, whether it’s a 12K or our giant 3 300Kℓ. Give us your brief, and we’ll be able to advise you on the best solution for your particular application.

The modular nature of the design also ensures that ease of transportation and quick installation are a reality – no matter how remote your location may be! Depending on which size you choose, it will take between one day and approximately two weeks construction time, to have a fully usable water storage system, exactly where you want it!

Never experience any unproductive “down-time”, which is costly, for reasons you cannot control! If the municipality suffers any problems in supplying your business with a constant stream of running water, no problem! Just switch to your onsite, on-tap, ready-to-use alternate water storage reservoir! It’s this hassle-free!

Let’s talk Rands and sense …….

Long term, the Zincalume® steel water tank wins hand down! It has a life expectancy of 65 years – which is far above industry norms. The easy transportation and construction doesn’t require any special heavy duty contracting. And, the anti-corrosive alloy finish doesn’t need any galvanising or special coating. It’s a low, low maintenance system, decade after decade! Used for water storage or rainwater harvesting, you will be saving – and conserving water! Better still, you’ll be saving on your monthly water bill!

If it’s quality, durability and economy you’re looking for, the Zincalume® steel water tank certainly makes a lot of sense!

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