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Much of Malawi’s poverty and food insecurity can be attributed to the impact of climate change coupled with the insufficient capacity to manage the scarce water resources that do exist on a continent constantly challenged by limited choices and climate variability. The conservation of water is widely regarded as a way of adapting to the situation. Vulnerability to climate changes can be greatly reduced with the implementation of effective water storage systems. Water conservation by way of large reservoirs can largely attribute to a better livelihood for the inhabitants of Malawi.

Rain Water harvesting solutions from Malawi tanks suppliers

With the rainfall in Africa largely unpredictable, rainwater harvesting presents a solution to collect and store whatever rainfall is received in Malawi. Usually when it rains, many litres of water are lost due to evaporation and water being soaked up by the ground. Rainwater possesses excellent natural qualities – it is free from pollutants, minerals, contaminants and salts. The collecting and storing of rainwater in tanks or reservoirs can ensure a supply of water during the scarce times for household activities, portable drinking water and various other applications such as in the mining industry, agricultural use, industrial and commercial use.

Rainbow Reservoirs in Malawi is committed to rainwater harvesting solutions and our cost effective water storage tanks and reservoirs are developed to improve the quantity and the quality of rainwater collection, not only in Malawi, but throughout the African continent.

Highest Quality Water Storage Solutions by Malawi Tanks Suppliers
Backed by our excellent service our superior tanks and reservoirs which are designed to withstand the harsh demanding climate of Africa, outshine that of our competitors and here are only some of the reasons why:

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Construction & Installation by Malawi Tanks Suppliers

Construction of Aluzinc® Tanks
Our reservoir builders construct and install only the highest quality water storage systems. Our reservoirs with its exceptional strength are designed from only the best quality Aluzinc® alloy coated structural steel that has proved to be very highly resistant to corrosion. The outer walls of the reservoirs are of superior strength and designed to last for forty years plus. Bearing in mind aesthetic considerations and preferences, various colour options are available.

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The liners of Rainbow Reservoirs are made of heavy duty LLDPE (75mm solid film linear low-density polyethylene) that conform to the highest manufacturing standards and meet international food-grade standards to maintain water quality. Even under the harshest climates LLDPE retains its excellent qualities of inert strength, elasticity and durability. The domed roof of Rainbow reservoirs are designed to optimally balance with the walls, resulting in maximum strength.
As the leading manufacturer or reservoirs, we fully comply with the international standards set for high quality liquid or water storage solutions.
Our reservoirs are supplied complete with accessories that include an outlet for fire fighting, an outlet with a ball valve for the pump, an overflow, lockable manhole, leaf basket and a full-length ladder that is also detachable.

Our skilled assembly teams are adequately trained to install reservoirs in a few easy steps. For the installation of water tanks with a capacity less that 400 000 litres only a sand base is needed and the tank can be installed in one day. Should you require a tank with a capacity of more than 400 000 litres a concrete base is needed for installation.

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Why a single Rainbow Reservoir tank is preferable to the installation of a number of plastic tanks?

As an experienced manufacturer and installer of Reservoirs Malawi we are often asked to explain the reasons why it is better to install a single reservoir tank as opposed to a number of plastic tanks. Here are three of the most important reasons why:

It is more cost effective to install a single reservoir tank as opposed to a number of tanks that make up the same capacity. When installing liquid storage systems, space is an important consideration. Where space is restricted it is more effective to install a single reservoir tank, because it requires much less space than a number of tanks of the same volume. Reservoir tanks fitted with our optional gutter system are designed for effective rainwater harvesting – the large domed roof provides a large surface that is perfect for the collection and storage of rainwater directly into the reservoir. Some areas are more prone to extremes in temperature and for those areas – one large body of water is more resistant to fluctuations in temperature than smaller volumes of water retained in small tanks.

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Clean safe drinking water is the most basic need of humankind. The constant obstacles that the people of Africa has to overcome everyday to provide in this need, is the motivation for us at Rainbow Reservoirs to supply the following African countries with applicable liquid storage solutions: Kenya, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Angola, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Mozambique, Zambia.