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Rainwater Harvesting is a process through which the available rainwater in an area is collected and stored in containers – usually water storage tanks or reservoirs. This method ensures a constant supply of water during scarce times and can go a long way to alleviate the plight of people on the African continent who constantly face a shortage of water and have to spent the largest part of their day fetching water from resources that are usually contaminated and leads to fatal diseases. Rainwater however, are free from salts, minerals, pollutants and can be safely used for household activities, irrigation purposes, manufacturing processes in the industrial sector and even applied in the commercial sector, etc. by hospitals, schools and more.

Zambia Water Storage Tanks for Comprehensive Water Conservation Solutions

Rainbow Reservoirs is a South African based company committed to water conservation solutions. We are the leading Reservoir Builders in Zambia and various other African countries. We are dedicated to our priority of providing high quality rainwater collection and storing solutions to the people of Zambia. Rainbow Reservoirs are superior builders and installers of cost effective water storage tanks and reservoirs with a capacity of up to 2 000 000 litres that can withstand the harsh African climate.

We have our own specialist team of Rainbow Reservoir builders in Zambia who construct and install high quality water storage tanks according to our customers’ requirements. Only the best quality Aluzinc® alloy coated structural steel or colorbond sheeting is used to construct the walls, which is thicker than those of similar products. The properties of Aluzinc® steel include its superior resistance to corrosion and durability under the harshest of climates. Aluzinc® Reservoirs have a life span of forty years plus.

Our top quality reservoirs are lined with heavy duty LLDPE (a .75mm solid film linear low-density polyethylene) that are manufactured to meet international food-grade standards. The strength, durability and elasticity of the liners ensure that it can withstand the harsh climates of Africa while retaining its inert properties. Optimal balance of the reservoir structure as a whole is ensured by the perfect balancing of the domed roof with the steel walls. As the preferred manufacturer of reservoirs in Zambia, we fully comply with international standards set for high quality liquid storage tanks.
We supply our customer’s with various reservoir accessories that include, an overflow, full length detachable ladder, leaf basket, lockable manhole, a fire fighting outlet and an outlet with ball valve for the pump.

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Zambia Water Storage Tanks – Excellent Quality & Cost Effective

Quick and easy installation of reservoirs in Zambia are carried out by our own skilled assembly teams who can install a tank within one day. For a reservoir with a capacity of 400 000 litres or less, no concrete base is needed – installation can be done on a sand-base. Should you require a reservoir with a capacity of more than 400 000 litres, a concrete base will be needed.

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As the leading tank supplier of Zambia water storage tanks we are often asked if the installation of a single water reservoir is preferable to a number of tanks of the same capacity?

Here are some facts that have to be considered in answering the above question.

reservoir builders zambia

Why choose Rainbow Reservoirs as your preferred supplier water storage tanks Zambia?

To install a single reservoir as opposed to a number of tanks that make up the same capacity is more cost effective on the long run. If your available space for the construction of a number of tanks is limited, it is more effective to install a single reservoir. If the reservoir is fitted with a gutter system, the domed roof can provide a large surface from which rainwater can be harvested. We have also found that in areas that experience more temperature fluctuations, the installation of a single reservoir is preferable to a number of tanks of the same volume. The reason for this is because a large body of water is more resistant to variations in temperature than smaller bodies of water contained in an array of tanks.

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Rainbow Reservoirs – expert Reservoir Builders Zambia

Without water a farmer can only look on in desperation as he watches the crops on the land wither away in the dry sun; various industries dependant on water for manufacturing processes will have to close their doors when the water supply dries up; humans and animals will simply die of thirst when they do not have access to clean drinking water. At Rainbow Reservoirs we have a strong conviction about the conservation of water and are deeply concerned about the lack of sustainable water storage systems on the African continent. We have turned our concern into action and now supply the following African countries with effective water storage tanks and reservoirs in an effort to do our part in ensuring the survival of humans and animals on planet earth: Kenya, Namibia, Malawi, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Angola, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Mozambique.