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Agricultural water Tanks

Supplier of Water Tanks for Agricultural Use

A lot of farmers are shocked by the size of their water bills. This can be reduced significantly by applying the method of rainwater harvesting. Collecting and storing rainwater that fall onto buildings that otherwise would have gone down the drains, or would have been soaked into the ground, or would have been lost through the process of evaporation, and using it for agricultural purposes can go a long way in cutting the bill. Not only that, but rainwater is free from pollutants, salts, minerals and man-made contaminants, making it ideal for crop production.

Water Storage Tanks for Agricultural use

By using a harvesting system, rainwater is diverted to a water storage tank/reservoir where it can be collected and treated if necessary before applying it for use on the farm. Distribution pipes and pumps may also be necessary to supply the water where it is needed. Rainbow Reservoirs have a water storage system tailor-made to suit the requirements and budget of every farm.

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Supplier of Water Tanks for Agricultural use

Because we understand the unique requirements of the agricultural industry, we supply water tanks in different shapes, sizes and colours to choose from. We can even tailor-made a water tank to suit your specific needs. As the leading supplier of water tanks for the agricultural sector in South Africa and throughout Africa – we take pride in ensuring that every farmer is supplied with the correct water storage tank at the right cost.

Why choose Rainbow Reservoirs for your Tank Installation?

Making use of advanced technology, we design and install cost effective water tanks suitable for use on every farm in South Africa and throughout Africa, whether it be an equestrian yard, dairy farm, sheep farm, cattle farm or a crop producing farm.

For water tanks with a capacity of under 400 000 litres, no concrete base is needed. Our professional assembly team can install the tank on a sand base within one day. All that is required from the farmer is to ensure that the sand pad has been properly prepared according to our pre-installation instructions and that 10 000 litres of water is put into the reservoir immediately after installation. We supply all the accessories needed, etc. outlets, overflows, lockable manhole, leaf basket and a detachable ladder.

For the installation of water tanks with a capacity of more than 400 000 litres – a concrete base is needed. If you require a tank of this capacity on the farm – please contact us for specifications/drawings.


Agricultural Water Storage Systems – An investment in the Future.

The agricultural industry uses an enormous amount of water for day-to-day activities. The huge benefits of harvesting rainwater for agricultural use and the subsequent return on capital expenditure (normally between 2-6 years) make the installation of a water storage system on a farm a sound investment