Commercial water storage tanks: Determining your water needs

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Commercial water storage tanks are designed to collect water for later use for a number of different reasons. Used on farms, in domestic settings and even in industrial settings having a water storage system in place is always a good idea. Providing companies, people and animals with safe to drink water on demand is becoming an important part of life especially as the predictability of the availability of water becomes even more uncertain.

Water scarcity is a real threat that is experienced throughout the world. Whether it is due to a mismanagement of the water or whether it is due to the droughts that are experienced in many parts of the world, commercial water storage tanks are providing a safety net for those who are most in danger.

Did you know that 1.2 billion people on the planet are faced with a lack of safe drinking water? And the scary thing is that each year this number grows. The emphasis on storing clean drinking water is something that is advocated on a number of platforms and now that it is an affordable option, more people are choosing this system of storing water.

When water taps run dry having a water tank on site will keep you hydrated
When water taps run dry having a water tank on site will keep you hydrated

The great water shortage

Nationwide power cuts have dominated the news, but the looming shortage of water is what has been largely ignored. Lack of rain has resulted in low water levels being reported in dams around the country and many people throughout the country are suffering from not having access to clean running water. Those who are lucky enough to afford to buy fresh water will usually do so but for others drinking unsafe water from a nearby river is their only option.

In the event of a water shortage, having at least a 3 day supply of water stored away is the ideal amount of water to have available. And having commercial water storage tanks available for your water needs is the first step towards making sure that you always have water available. Water scarcity and water shortages concern more than just the lack of water, it also concerns that lack of quality water for both human and animal consumption.

But how do you know if you are storing enough water to meet your needs? Could it be possible that you are not storing enough? And what if things took a turn for the worse and you needed to provide water for your family?

Determining how much water you need

The average South African family will use around 250 liters of water each day. But of this massive amount of water only 3% is used for drinking or cooking. When considering how much water goes into washing the clothing or watering the garden, which amounts to more than half of your monthly consumption, you can start to cut back on the amount of water that you use.

Commercial water storage tanks are going to save you money depending on what you will be using them for. The water storage tanks used for the watering of gardens and for the washing of clothing, will help you to reduce the overall amount of money that you can are spending each month on water while keeping a separate water storage tank for drinking purposes is also a great idea, saving you both water and money.

Your water needs will be largely determined by the amount of people in your family. The more people living under your roof the more water you will need to use. There will be more clothing to wash, more people using the bathroom and more people to cook for. Water storage tanks will cut back on the amount of municipal water you will need and so you will be saving money.

The sources of water to keep you sustained

Tanks storing water are used to water gardens during the dry months
Tanks storing water are used to water gardens during the dry months

Water is not only found in its liquid form. Did you know that there are many other sources from which you can get water? Non-starchy vegetables, for instance, are made up from around 95% of water while even your meats and fish have enough water within them to supply you with a source of water.

And not taking in enough water each day can have dire effects on your body. When we think about not drinking enough water we usually think that we will end up with a case of dehydration but that is the long term effects of not drinking enough water and few of us living in urban areas will ever have to worry about such a thing happening. But did you know that going without water for just one day is going to end up damaging your body in some way or another?

It’s a scary thought. Not having enough water is not only going to result in you becoming really thirsty but has the power to make your head start to ache and it is eventually going to make you delirious. Water is as important as breathing.

Commercial water storage tanks are a great tool to ensure that you never run out of water. Used on the farm, in the home or in an industry, having a water storage tank is like having a really valuable safety net for when the pipes run dry.

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