What is rain harvesting

What is rain harvesting

What is rain harvesting?

Remember a large of the earth is water but not all suitable for dinking or farming. People and animals need water to survive.  The uncertain weather patterns plays a big as well in the shortage of water.  There are areas where there is no sufficient water supply infrastructure and this result in people not being able to have an adequate water supply for their need.

The scarcity of water and the huge water accounts that plagues our domestic, agriculture,  industry and commercial consumers and countries where their rainfall is very low lead to the rainwater harvesting system.  Instead of letting rainwater be wasted by running down drainpipes to be absorb in the ground and by evaporation a method was develop to collect and store rainwater.

This was a good idea as rainwater is pollution and contamination free and are excellent for crop production, livestock, laundry, garden washing dishes and for all non-drinking purposes. In the industrial and business sectors they are ideal for the mining sector, oil refineries etc.   Agricultural section can use it for crop farming through water irrigation.  The use of rainwater can cut your conventional water usage in half.  This means that your water account will decrease considerably.

We at Rainbow tanks design and manufacture high quality water storage tanks for rain harvesting. A drainpipe system can me mounted for collecting rainwater directly into the tanks. Our water tanks keep potable water clean and odorless.  These zincalume reservoirs are designed to suit the requirements of every consumer.  The rainbow reservoirs has a capacity of up to 400 000 liters, are durable and can be utilize in the harshest environment.  They are easy to install or relocate as the water tanks are mounted on a sand base and are affordable.

As the leading manufacture of water storage tanks we provide a role in the supplying potable drinking water in an inexpensive way.

rainwater harvesting

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