Water Tanks – Uses & Availability

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Water is most definitely one of the element in life that no one and no business can go without, be is to assist is tasks being done in the work place or to drink, water is needed. We all use it, but have you ever thought about where it is stored before it is used?

Water tanks for all water uses

Storing water is a delicate proses and one company that understands it all too well is Rainbow Reservoirs. Storing tanks for water and all liquid substance is what they do best. Not only in a few towns in South Africa but all across Africa.  Rainbow Reservoirs has succeeded in becoming one of South Africa’s leading water tank supplier.

When looking for a reliable industrial or domestic water tank or tanks, look no further than Rainbow Reservoirs. Registered as the original suppliers of all highest quality Zincalume water tanks in Africa, Rainbow Reservoirs assist with all liquid or water storage solutions. Rainbow Reservoir is experience and well qualified to supply you with the best possible tank to suite your requirements. Rainbow Reservoirs does not only supply water tanks but also design and build them as required. Supplying you with a no-maintenance, complete hassle-free water tank system that is dependable and attractive to the eye and can withstand the toughest environmental conditions.

Water tanks for industrial uses

The staff at Rainbow reservoirs are dedicated to providing you with the best possible solution for your water or liquid storage. They strive to give the best possible service and assists when it comes to installing your water tanks.

Rainbow Reservoirs provide water tanks for 4 different sectors namely: Domestic/ Rural water tanks that can assist with saving money on water bills by harvesting rainwater, Industrial water tanks assisting to supply to areas that your company is currently operating, it can also serve as a reserving tool for your company to ensure that operations continue if water becomes a problem, Commercial water tanks can be placed in highly populated areas or areas with lots of business that make use of water. This will in return insure that all the areas have a continuous flow of water should there be any problems with the current water supplies, Agricultural water tanks harvest rainwater on farms assisting with the water supply to crops.

Agricultural water tanks

Areas that rainbow Reservoirs have provided there services and it currently in operations is Kenya, Namibia, Malawi, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Angola, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Mozambique and Zambia

For all your water reservoirs needs, look no further than rainbow Reservoirs

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