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Why is Rainbow tanks necessary?

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A big part of the earth surface is water but all can be used by people, animals, nature or the different economic sectors.  The scarcity of water forced people to find a solution to combat this water scarcity problem.  The scarcity of water has a vast impact on household and business financially as their water accounts has escalated.  Increased population growth and inadequate water supply system is also a detriment in the fulfilling of water as a basic need. In countries where water is scarce this led to the outbreak of many diseases.  Uncertain weather patterns also played a major role in the scarcity of water.

The collection of rainwater became an option as rainwater is free and got wasted by running through drain pipes and are absorb in the ground and a lot of water is lost through evaporation.  It is also free of pollutants, contaminants, salt and minerals.  Potable drinkable water that is odorless and clean became the answer for water starved countries and water storage tanks the solution for all other sectors.

Rainbow tanks is the leaders in the manufacturing and designing of zincalume water storage tanks.  They provide water storage tanks for domestic use where those collected rainwater can be used for gardening, laundry, washing dishes and other household uses.  Agriculture use their specific designed tanks for crop production and livestock.  Commercial and industries like oil refineries, mining and other manufacturing sectors have these huge water storage tanks that use in the rain harvesting process.  Plant nurseries also makes a lot of use as rainwater is good for the plants at it has no manmade contaminants, pollutants etc.

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Rainbow tanks supplied are easy to install, hassle and maintenance free as well as cost effective.  Our water storage tanks are geared to your specific requirements and designs.  It is durable, attractive and withstand the harshest climate conditions.  This is what makes Rainbow tanks the leading supplier of zincalume water tanks in Africa and show our commitment to water conservation.


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