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What is biogas?

What is biogas?

Biogas – A unique source of energy

In an age where fuel consumption is over the top and there are few alternatives to the problem of fuel shortages, using biogas has become the reliable alternative that people are looking for. There are many ways in which an organic product can break down and decompose. Usually organic matter will begin to break down when it is exposed to warmth and oxygen but there are those products that are able to decompose using only the bacteria which is present within the matter. A landfill is usually going to experience a lot of this type of decay especially as light is limited and there can be some dampness. In such a place the methane and the nitrous oxide is produced and then released. Biogas is then created and it is a truly unique source of energy.

The composition of biogas is a bit of a complicated thing as the gases released are possibly not exactly what you would consider good for the earth. Carbon dioxide and methane are considered to be greenhouse gases, but they are rather wonderful, and safe, when they are burnt. The gas reacts with the oxygen and release a clean energy. When the gases are burnt they are not going to rise up into the atmosphere and cause damage. These days biogas is making its way into a number of industries including the public transport industry, industrial heating and it has many more useful applications.

Biogas Plants - Rainbow Reservoirs

Biogas Plants – Rainbow Reservoirs

The advantages of using biogas

  • It is a renewable energy source

One of the biggest threats to the energy available on the earth is its renewability. Most of the energy sources on the planet are not renewable and this is where biogas is such a wonderful option. Biogas is a renewable energy resource and as fast as it is used up it can be renewed. Biogas is often produced from sewerage and waste matter so technically we will only run out of the energy source if we stop producing such waste. This is of course unlikely so biogas can continue being produced.

  • There is no pollution

Most of the fossil fuels used on the planet today are releasing copious amounts of gas which are in turn polluting the atmosphere and contributing towards global warming. As we become more energy conscious and move away from using such fuels, biogas becomes a great option. Biogas does not release any pollutants and this is what makes it a fantastic alternative to other fuels.

  • It is a cheaper technology

To produce many of the fuels that we rely on these days, millions of dollars are being spent. This is not a sustainable activity and as things become more and more expensive, cheaper technology is needed. Biogas technology is used for heating and to produce electricity, and when it is taken further it can be used to create fuel for vehicles. Another factor that makes the biogas so much cheaper is that the gas can be produced in small quantities or in larger quantities, there is no set amount of gas that needs to be created.

  • Decreased greenhouse effect

Biogas is the most biodegradable form of waste. It can be used to reduce the greenhouse effect by making use of the landfill gases rather than allowing the gases to rise into the atmosphere. This is one of the most important reasons why the biogas is catching on.

  • It is cheap to set up

Unlike the other fuel sources that might require you to mine for them or build specialised structures in order to harvest the energy, biogas does not require a massive amount of capital to set it up. Because it is so easy to set up a system for harvesting biogas, farms can especially benefit from having a biogas system set up. This is an especially wonderful thing to have on a farm as the waste from farm animals can be used to produce the biogas. An interesting fact to know is that the waste from a single cow is enough to power a light bulb for a day.

  • Biogas creates jobs

These days work can be difficult to come by and creating job opportunities can do wonderful things for the economy. Biogas is able to create work for hundreds of people especially in rural areas where electricity is mostly unattainable and jobs are just as scarce. Biogas can also provide power to people who are living in very remote areas.

A simple technology with some of the most important benefits towards renewable energy, biogas is the way of the future. If you are looking for a more sustainable future, A  biogas plant from Rainbow Reservoirs could be the best option that you could ever make.



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