Water Storage Tanks for Africa

The Use of Water Storage Tanks in Various Industries Imagine a world where no one paid for water… Let’s face it; South Africa is in dire need of better infrastructures regarding water in most parts of the country. Many South Africans and Africans alike do not have direct access to clean running water, and the […]

Water Storage Tanks – A Solution to a drought stricken Africa

Water Shortages can be overcome by using Water Storage Tanks Were you even aware that Africa is experiencing a water crisis at the moment? In an ideal world, there would be Water Storage Tanks in every neighbourhood, collecting rainwater in order to conserve other water sources. Does it not make absolute sense to collect the […]

Industrial water reservoirs

What you should know about industrial water reservoirs Industrial water reservoirs are used for storing water (and sometimes other fluids) for use in some industrial operations. These uses include agricultural reasons, bio-energy uses, and much more. These industrial water reservoirs come in a very wide variety of sizes and shapes. Larger tanks will come with […]