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Water Tanks Insurance – be covered

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Be Assured of your Water Supply!

What do we mean by water tanks insurance? You wouldn’t hesitate to ensure your vehicles, household contents, or prized possessions, now, would you?  In most cases, you’ve even been forced to insure your own life! Insurance premiums are probably one of the most costly expenses, in your budget.  However, what insurance have you got against losing your water supply?  The guaranteed amount of water in your business operation is undoubtedly the most important consideration, of all?

With a water tank from Rainbow Tanks, we can offer you the assurance you need, to know that you have adequate water insurance when you need it most.  No one has that crystal ball to predict the weather, the rain or the municipalities’ ability to provide a constant water supply.  Being able to tap off a reservoir, full of water, on the other hand, is your insurance against losing the one thing you cannot afford to “’replace’ at a later date”!

Let your Insurance Premium be an Asset, not a Liability! Get water tanks Insurance!

Water tanks are the smartest, most cost-effective insurance against water loss; you will ever find!  Think of it like this; invest your money in a water tank!  Within no time at all, your monthly “premiums” have paid off that water tank, and you will own a vital asset to your business, for the next 60 or so years!  (And best of all, no insurance companies will be getting rich off the sweat of your back!)

If it did ever come down to it not raining, or, the municipality not being able to supply you with water, you can institute your own “claim”, on your terms, in your own time.  Simply tap off water from your water tank!  Gone are the days of having to deal with robot-operated telephone answering services; being transferred from one department to another; relating your story now for the sixth time, and then being told that “the small print” says the drought has to be in effect for six calendar months before you can claim… 

Assured Insurance, For Sure!

Have your water available instantly, on demand, when your water supply becomes desperate no questions asked!  Isn’t this real insurance?  Isn’t this what insurance ought to be?

The water you so desperately seek, when there is a problem, is stored in your water tank and is as pure as the day it went in!  The sealed, non-corrosive, germ-free and anti-contaminant inner liner ensures that all the hygiene factors necessary to store potable water, are addressed.  The inner liner we use ensures that the contents of the liner do not come into contact with the outer frame.  This way, you can eliminate contamination of the water inside. 

Be assured of your water supply!  Rainbow water tanks give you an option of insurance on this vital commodity that you cannot deny makes much sense.  Be assured that Rainbow water tanks will never let you down!  For sure.

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