Look at the benefits! -

Look at the benefits!

Look at the benefits!

The steel, modular water tanks advocated, marketed and sold by Rainbow Water Tanks meet every conceivable benefit to consumers world-wide: 

  • They meet the most stringent health standards required for the storage of uncontaminated, potable water
  • they are economical and require minimal to no maintenance at all
  • The installation is not dependent upon the location – they can literally be erected anywhere!
  • They are rugged, robust and reliable with a forty year life expectancy and a 12 year warranty
  • They promote water management and responsible water conservation
  • They are easy and quick to install
  • They are suitable for any industry – Industrial, commercial, agricultural, domestic, fire-protection and municipal
  • They are variable in size and are suitable for domestic use (about 10 000ℓ) to the mega Municipal range of approximately 3 300Kℓ

Do your bit and feel good!

 Decide to ease the burden of water supply, today!  Get a Rainbow Water Tank!   You’ll feel so good implementing your own programme of rain water harvesting and conservation and, in time, if everyone adopts this attitude, we can all make a difference!

*Calculation for roof rain-water harvesting:  1ℓ per m² for every millimetre of rainfall.

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