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Water Tanks Cape Town

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Water storage tanks, dams and reservoirs in Cape Town are at critical levels – down to 20% with the last 10% being unusable. So effectively, Cape Town water levels are at 10%! Yet, in spite appeals water users decrease their consumption, usage has increased by 40 million litres per day, exceeding the target of 600 million litres per day.

“… we must think about building additional reserve capacity (for water storage in Cape Town) by continuing with water-saving efforts. It may take a few seasons of normal rainfall for the dams to recover and we are expecting an even tougher summer in 2018” said a statement from the City of Cape Town on Monday.

Disconcertingly, the uncertainty of rainfall remains high.

Level 4 water restrictions have been instituted in Cape Town. “All consumers must continue to use less than 100 litres per person per day in total, whether at work, home, school or elsewhere,” said the City.

Non-compliance with the new Level 4 fine schedule water restrictions is now being taken seriously. Maximum spot fines of up to R10,000 or even a prison sentence can be imposed on serious or repeat offenders.

Rainbow Reservoirs is a manufacturer, supplier and installer of bulk water storing tanks perfectly suited to alleviate the water storage crisis in Cape Town. Our tough and durable, Zincalume steel water tanks capable of withstanding the harshest environments, are rapidly installed within days! The secret of our success lies in the tried-and-tested modular design of our sectional steel tanks – once the engineer-designed, steel walls and roof have been bolted together on-site, the water tank is immediately commissioned for use!

Our steel water reservoirs and tanks are fitted with premium quality liners bearing the internationally recognised Australian Water Quality Institute seal of approval and food grade, potable water Certification – the drinking water in the tank never comes into contact with the steel!

The modular design of our water storage vessels facilitates installation of water holding tanks in remote areas or on sites that are difficult to reach in Cape Town. Potable water supply tanks of less than 350,000 litres require no concrete works (slab or foundation) – they are installed directly onto a sand pad on level ground. Modular steel tanks can be relocated within the Western Cape.

Our water containment tanks vary in capacity from 5000 litres to over 2 million litres. Rainwater harvesting tanks and fire tanks (also dual purpose, potable drinking water/fire-fighting tanks) are manufactured for your specific requirements within the industry, agriculture, commercial, manufacturing, processing, municipal, community, and township/residential sectors.

Contact Rainbow Reservoirs for rapid solutions to long-term, water storage in Cape Town.

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