Cape Drought

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In the words of Benjamin Franklin “When the well runs dry, we’ll know the worth of water”. And that’s what’s happening in Cape Town with the Cape Drought!

According to experts, Cape Town’s reservoirs and dams are currently only 11% full. The last 10% is primarily composed of sludge – not able to be utilised for environmental and additional purification reasons. Franklin’s words now ring true – the well in Cape town has run dry, and the worth of water to Capetonians as become a stark reality!

It’s a scary to think that in this day and age, the population of Cape Town, is entirely at the mercy of rainfall. The supply of its life-essential water. Scientists at UCT have evidence to suggest that the Western Cape is due to become hotter and drier, due to climate change.

The biggest users of water are industry, followed by agriculture, then households. This unexpected wake-up call underscores the necessity for bulk water storage whenever and wherever possible.

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