Steel Water Tanks for Sale in South Africa – Help the Environment and the People

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Steel Water Tanks for Sale

Steel water tanks for sale in South Africa are known for their insulated water storage, strength, hygiene, longevity and durability. There is no growth of bacterial and fungus species and no risk of water borne diseases. They do not absorb any pollutants or pesticides and do not carry any taste of plastic. These water tanks are high-strength and lightweight. Steel water tanks for sale in South Africa are a must and best suited for various residential and industrial purposes there.

Steel Water Tanks


Uses and Applications

Steel water tanks have a variety of applications in numerous industries such as mining, construction industries, storage of diesel and other chemicals, hospitals, harbors, farming projects and low cost housing developments. Steel water tanks for Sale in South Africa are composed of the highest quality Zincalume steel, which assists with all liquid or water storage solutions.

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is encouraged in Africa, and is made possible by filtering the water through these tanks. This allows accumulation and deposition of rainwater for reuse on-site, rather than allowing it to runoff. A drainpipe system can be mounted in the tank for collecting rainwater directly. The tanks convert the rainwater into colorless and odorless potable water. They can store up to 400 000 liters and are very durable, withstanding adverse climatic conditions. Additionally, they are easy to install or relocate as the water tanks are mounted on a sand base and are affordable.

Cost effective

Steel water tanks available for sale in South Africa can be placed in highly populated areas or areas with businesses that use a lot of water. In return, this will insure that all the areas have a continuous flow of water should there be any problems with the current water supplies. They are a one-time investment and have an extended service life and reduced maintenance cost. Steel water tanks for sale in South Africa also cost less than other comparative tanks. They can also assist with saving money on water bills by harvesting rainwater. Another surprising attraction is that at the end of their life the scrap value is high for these tanks.

Water Tanks supplied by Rainbow Reservoirs

Quality Steel

Steel water tanks for sale in South Africa have assured high quality mechanical properties. They outlast and outperform all other options available in the market. They have an effective working life of over 20 years which can be attributed to the high quality steel used to build them. They have broad corrosion resistance and are absolutely rust free, and they do not bulge or stretch when full.

Additional Qualities

Steel water tanks can serve as a reserving tool for your company to ensure that operations continue if water scarcity becomes a problem. When put to agricultural use, they can harvest rainwater on farms, increasing the available water supply to crops. Steel water tanks will not deteriorate over time under the harsh climatic conditions and will comfortably hold large forces of water and keep it cooler in comparison to plastic tanks.

Steel water tanks are fully recyclable, durable, safe and environmentally friendly. Hence, they are best suitable for people who have high quality and hygiene demands.

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