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Rainbow Reservoirs launches two new product ranges

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Rainbow reservoirs have established itself as one of Africa’s top providers of high-quality water and liquid storage tanks made from zincalume steel.

Due to considerable public demand, the company decided to develop smaller tanks for household water storage, rainwater harvesting and agricultural applications, along with open-top units perfect for agricultural use and raw water containment.

Rainbow Reservoirs’ smallest tanks were previously 52 000 litres. After a period of research and development, the company has now introduced nine small volume tanks (starting with a capacity of 9500 litres) to the market. The tanks vary in height from 2.3 metres to 4.6 metres, and are favourably priced when compared to the more traditional plastic tanks. With Zincalume steel, consumers can expect better durability and a far longer lifespan than plastic. With the drought continuing to affect South Africa, these smaller tanks are ideal for households which experience issues with municipal supply, whilst they can also be used for applications such as storage of agricultural liquid fertiliser premix. As with the rest of Rainbow Reservoirs products, customers can expect the highest quality materials and international food grade quality liners.

Water tanks are ideal for businesses, private homes and farms
Water tanks are ideal for businesses, private homes and farms

In addition to demand for smaller tanks, there has also been a call for cost effective, high-quality water storage tanks without usual Rainbows Reservoirs accessories such as domed roofs and associated fittings. Bearing this in mind, Rainbow Reservoirs has produced a Utility Range of 21 water storage tanks, varying in capacity from 130 000 to 347 000 litres, all at a low-profile height of 1.2 metres.

These tanks are installed quickly and easily and, like most of the small storage tanks above, require no concrete foundation. Furthermore, they are open-top units (with affordable prices excluding the cost of the Rainbow Reservoirs domed roof structure), which makes them particularly well-suited for agricultural use. These lower-cost utility tanks are also ideal for raw water containment over a wide range of sectors. Despite their affordability, Rainbow Reservoirs guarantees that the tanks do not compromise on the construction and water quality for which the company is renowned


Rainbow Reservoirs is confident that these new offerings will continue to enhance the company’s reputation and further contribute to sustainable water usage in Africa.


For more information, phone 082 809 6516 or 082 550 7559, or email sales@rainbowres.com.

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