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With the demand for water rapidly increasing worldwide, Rainbow Tanks has become one of the most trusted global water tank suppliers, not only to store potable water but, to also store water for the use of fire fighting

An increasing number of sugar-producing countries worldwide are weaning themselves off a reliance on fossil fuels, turning instead to leftover sugar cane stalks that have been crushed, processed and dried. This fibrous biomass waste is a renewable energy resource suitable for the fuelling of thermal power stations that provide steam for electricity generation (for example, more than half of Mauritius’s electricity is generated in this way.)


A large-scale, cutting-edge, biomass energy generation project is currently under construction in the Philippines in an area responsible for the country’s prime sugar production and export. Rainbow Reservoirs is on site, installing premium quality fire-fighting, demineralisation and potable water tanks critical to the project’s successful electricity output.

Rainbow Reservoirs is wholly committed to the sustainability of a cleaner, greener, healthier planet. As a consequence, we continue to be recognised as a preferred supplier in initiatives that promote and employ positive environmental practices. In this regard, our superlative water storage solutions play a pivotal role in Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Generation, Desalination, Biogas Production, Water Conservation, Waste-water Management and many more associated environmentally beneficial sectors, worldwide.

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