Drought and water storage tanks

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Cloudless skies, low rainfall and high temperatures; these are words that can give every farmer nightmares especially if the proper measures to deal with these types of problems are not put in place.  The drought has a devastating effect, not just on the economy but also on the everyday lives of the person on the street. Water is what gives each of us life, without it food will quickly become depleted. Water storage tanks can be a useful solution during times of drought.

Conserving water by practising rain harvesting

Water Reservoirs tanks
Water tanks – Commercial Use

Rain Harvesting with Rainbow Reservoirs, who are the top suppliers of water tanks, is possibly one of the best ways to conserve water.  Rainwater harvesting is the process whereby rainwater is collected for reuse.  The rain can be collected from rivers or roofs, and then directed into a water tank or reservoir.  This process can be another water supply source during times of water restrictions and in some African countries, it can even be the main water supply.   This water can be reused for livestock, or for agricultural use.  Harvesting rainwater can, if it is properly treated, be used for domestic purposes or as drinking water as this water has no salinity or other salts.  This can ensure that there is always a supply of water available during drought but it will rely on there always being plenty of rain water available to be collected.

Collecting rain water in these water storage tanks will have numerous advantages such as:

Water tanks for Rainwater haervesting
Water tanks for Rainwater harvesting
  • Utility bills, both domestically and commercially can be decreased as clothing and dishes can be washed in rain water, rain water can be used on gardens, washing the car or flushing the toilet.
  • Because water has no salient or chemicals, it can be used for irrigation for agricultural purposes.
  • Rainwater is a free resource which everybody has access to.

 Rainbow Reservoirs aids in this process by supplying clients with a wide range of water tanks. Our tanks are being used in the mining, industrial and agricultural sectors as well as in domestic, commercial and rural areas. We are the leading suppliers of the Zincalume steel bolted panel water tanks. Our water storage tanks and reservoirs are carefully sourced and inspected to guarantee excellent quality before we installed it.

Benefits of having water tanks and reservoirs

  • Rainbow Reservoirs are committed to providing you with potable water that is cleaned odourless when you are using our tanks to collect the rain water or other water.
  • The water tanks for sale can be as high as 6.9 meters, ideal for collecting and storing lots of rainwater over a period of time.
  • Tanks are available in different sizes,
  • The tanks are available in different range of colours
  • Maintenance of the tanks requires minimum time and it is hassle-free.
  • The water tanks and reservoirs are cost effective
  • Water tanks are durable and well-constructed.
  • The tanks can withstand even the harshest weather conditions.
  • Zincalume Tanks are UV stabilised and re-enforced to preserve water quality
  • Water tanks can be installed permanently or temporarily, and they can be relocated easily.  Their modular design means they can be flat packed for transport and can be exported quite easily.
  • Water tanks can be custom built to suit the requirements of the consumer.
  • Zincalume tanks can store over 2 million litres of water.
  • Zincalume water tanks have a 12-year guarantee.

Rainbow Reservoirs stays committed in the fight for water conservation. We encourage rainwater storage by always delivering water tanks and reservoirs that are top quality, dependable, cost effective and which provides peace of mind as a viable solution to ongoing water shortages.

water storage tanks south africa
Water tanks
water tanks south africa
Water tanks


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