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Rainbow Reservoirs has recently completed another successful installation of custom-built aeration tanks for a multi-national brewing company

Aeration systems have traditionally not been used in lined tanks due to the perceived complications associated with the mounting, and substrate-attachment of the aeration assembly. However, through innovative design and ingenious adaptation, Rainbow Reservoirs has made an exciting breakthrough in the effective installation of aeration systems within bolted steel, lined tanks – a huge cost saver over traditional aerations systems in this category!

Rainbow Reservoirs’ bolted steel tanks comprise of a steel wall or ‘shell’, constructed of profile-strengthened, anti-corrosive Aluzinc steel. This steel shell is clad internally with a 1000gsm reinforced, UV-resistant PVC liner i.e. a heavy-duty liquid containment ‘bag’ manufactured specifically to perfectly fit each tank size. The liquid in the tank is thus never directly in contact with the steel walls. 

Some characteristics of Rainbow Reservoirs’ cutting-edge liners:

· Potable drinking water/food grade certified
· Exceptional strength and flexibility
· High impact and puncture resistance
· High-temperature capability
· No taste or water discolouration
· Chemical resistant, completely inert
· Special purpose liners available on request
· Life expectancy of ± 30 years
· Drinking water Test Certificate: AS/NZS 4020:2005

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