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Why You Should Use Reservoirs Construction Firms

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Looking at the water requirement for domestic and industrial purposes, water storage reservoirs have become a must. They not only provide a storage solution for water and other liquids but also assure a safe, colorless and odorless storage. The reservoirs construction firms have to look very closely at various demands of their customers and have to cater to them effectively.

Reservoirs Construction Firms  work hand in hand with you

The construction firms

There are numerous reservoirs construction firms across the globe, but few have the most extensive global experience. These companies have to meet various basic criteria like flexibility, durability, efficient construction management, cost effectiveness, and low time consumption. The firms hire expert engineers and architects to work on the designs and mechanics of construction. The work is usually accomplished under a wide range of efforts, which include design assisting and workforce. The firms have to ensure the set standards of quality. They also have to adhere to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Act 85 of 1993 and have to follow certain hygiene and sanitation standards.

These firms build reservoirs with capacities ranging from 75L to 20,000L but do not charge a very high amount for such a capacity. They provide various types of reservoirs composed of welded steel such as tanks, smoke stacks, and liners; tanks up to 300 diameters; internal and external floating roofs; bins and silos; clarifiers and thickeners; carbon steel, stainless steel, and duplex constructions.

Installation and Other Assistance

Post the manufacturing, installation service is also provided by reservoirs construction firms. Though they are usually easy to install, the reservoirs require a strong stand which corresponds to the weight and capacity of the reservoir. These stands are usually made of hard and solid concrete slabs. They can also consist of steel or timber slab. A loose or low quality stand can violate safety standards.

The firms also provide the after sales services which are time bound. In a life span of 20 years of the reservoir, a warranty generally lasts for about 5 years. Reservoirs construction firms also provide other services like specialized safety training, fast track construction processes, regular maintenance and repairs, unique quality control processes, custom design needs, trunkey projects, and custom submittal processes. They help to make the customers projects a smooth and seamless process.

Industrial Reservoirs

Standards and Certifications

The reservoirs construction firms assure that the reservoirs comply completely with the required national and international norms and standards applicable to the storage systems. That is to the standards of American Water works Association (AWWA). The systems and the reservoirs are also certified and the same is passed on by the supplier to each customer, assuring that his reservoir and system is tested. These certifications add on to the credibility of the firms. Reservoirs construction firms also run safety programs such as daily job hazard analysis and safety culture. Newly hired employees are sent for safety training programs; safety is looked into before beginning any task. Also, all the personnel and staff are awarded if no health hazard or accident takes place in the entire month.

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