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Proper Selection and Installation of Water Tanks

War, mass extinctions, famine and devastating plagues – all of these will come to haunt people if they don’t find a solution to the world’s rapidly growing water crisis. Over 1.6 billion people live in areas where water scarcity is a pressing concern. Even in developed countries, it’s becoming a serious issue to handle the […]

Reasons Everyone Should Consider Harvesting Rainwater

Rainwater is a sustainable, renewable and high quality water source that can be used inside your home. Have you heard of rainwater harvesting? Do you know what it is and how an essential part of the process is selecting the proper water tank? If not, chances are you will probably find this information invaluable. What […]

Water Tank Suppliers in Africa

Here in South Africa, Rainbow Reservoirs are Water Tank Suppliers in the region. We  guarantee water tanks made of original Zincalume steel, and provide liquid storage systems that are used extensively in the mining, industrial and agricultural sectors.

Industrial Water Reservoirs

Industrial water reservoirs play an important role. An industrial water reservoir system does a lot more than store water for when the municipal water supply is interrupted

Why is Rainbow tanks necessary?

A big part of the earth surface is water but all can be used by people, animals, nature or the different economic sectors.  The scarcity of water forced people to find a solution to combat this water scarcity problem.  The scarcity of water has a vast impact on household and business financially as their water […]