How do steel water tanks compare with plastic water tanks?

How do steel water tanks compare with plastic water tanks?

Whats the difference between domestic/household tanks and plastic water tanks?

Rainbow Reservoirs steel tanks compare plastic tanks9,500 litre Zincalume steel tanks are becoming a preferred choice for domestic/household water storage from boreholes and rainwater harvesting from household roofs in water-scarce areas.

Built of highly corrosion- resistant components throughout, these premium quality tanks have several advantages over plastic tanks: they are more durable – not susceptible to UV radiation, don’t become brittle over time, and cannot crack.

“They are fire resistant, puncture resistant and cannot be stolen, and can be configured to fit your needs in terms of space, volume and budget.”

NOTE: Do not confuse Zincalume steel tanks with tanks manufactured from galvanised sheeting. Chalk and cheese! Our superior Zincalume coating extends the life of the steel core walls and roof by up to 4 times more than that of an equivalent galvanised coated steel used in similar conditions.

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