The benefits of using water tanks

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Why save water in water tanks?

The earth is a unique planet. Unlike any other nearby planet, the earth has water. In fact the earth is covered by around 70% water. With all of this water one might wonder why saving water, by using water tanks for instance, is so important, why it is a constantly talked about issue.  The big issue revolving around water shortages is that while we have so much water, we can only consume around 2.5% of it. Our planet is mostly covered by salt water. And what makes things even more difficult when it comes to water for human and animal consumption is that most of it is trapped in glaciers that need to remain iced to maintain the earth’s climate.

So water is a tricky subject and you can understand that saving water and storing water is a very important duty that we all need to do. While we cannot always help to prevent leaks in water pipes that belong to the local water supplier, there are benefits to installing a water tank to collect water.


Different size Water tanks from Rainbow Tanks
Water Tanks

Advantages of having water tanks

Save money

Water is a precious commodity and it is in scarce supply.  Steel Water storage tanks will enable you to collect rain water and even surface run off for use in the garden or to clean with. There are many water treatment options these days which will enable you to purify the water that you have collected and use to for washing dishes and clothing. Rain water can be used to water the garden when the need arises, and it can also be used to wash the car.

Water tanks reduce flooding

Flooding happens when the natural water table can no longer hold all of the water that is bearing down on it. When this happens the water sits on the surface and the constant moisture can lead to landslides or flooding damage. By installing a water storage tank the water that would usually end up sitting on the surface will now be stored in a tank and used when needed.

Having water during a crisis

In South Africa we are susceptible to droughts and other major water shortages. Having a water storage tank is going to enable you to have a constant supply of water even during those times when there are droughts. This water can always be purified and used for other purposes later on.

Water tanks for agricultural use
Water tanks for agricultural use

Farming irrigation

Keeping a farm irrigated can be a financial nightmare especially since the farm will require many litres of water to keep the plants lush and healthy. Farmers rely heavily on the rainy seasons to ensure that their crops flourish so that they have a harvest at the end of the season. If there is a period of no rain then the crops can either die or they will lose their health. When using rainwater you will be able to save money by using the roofs of your structures to capture the run off. The water that would normally run off the roof and be wasted on the ground will now be captured in the tank and stored for use in the irrigation of crops and other produce.

Non-drinking uses

Water is not only used for consumption by humans and animals. You can save money by using the water to flush toilets, wash clothing, water the garden and even clean the house.

Water storage tanks are made from materials that cannot breakdown and contaminate the water that they hold. They have a long life span and can be used again and again over a number of years.

Why should you be saving water?

  1. Without water there would be no plants, animals or humans. Water is a life fluid and it needs to not only be conserved but it also needs to be protected from pollution.
  2. Saving water is going to save you money and with financial times being tough at the moment every bit saved is going to be helpful.
  3. The amount of drinking water that we have on the earth remains at 1% but the 1% is not constantly found in the same place throughout the world. Water is always on the move.

Saving water is a duty that we all have if we want to continue enjoying access to this life maintaining resource. Domestic water storage tanks can be the best way in which you can start saving water today.

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