ASIB-approved fire water tanks

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Mitigate fire risks by installing ASIB-approved fire water tanks

Electrical, arson and heating equipment are the three main causes of fire, which put commercial and industrial businesses at significant risk. Safeguard employees, assets and property against the risk of fire by installing a fixed ASIB-approved fire water tanks. Even though water supply can come from municipal water installations, an independent water tank is more reliable as it quickly supplies automated sprinkler systems with water to contain or suppress fire while waiting for emergency services to arrive.

Fire-safety regulations

For effective fire protection, large buildings must install automatic sprinkler systems as per the SANS 10400 T fire protection regulations. Smaller buildings must have hydrants, fire hose reels, a source of stored water and a pump to deliver water these hydrants and hoses. It is thus imperative to have fire water storage tanks installed on-site by trained and ASIB-certified suppliers who understand the legal framework.

ASIB compliance

The Automatic Sprinkler Inspection Bureau (ASIB) regulates all fire protection systems in South Africa and sets strict design and installation standards to ensure that your installation adheres to the highest fire prevention standards. As a member of the Fire Protection Association of South Africa (FPASA) and the ASIB, Rainbow Reservoirs supplies and installs high-quality and cost-effective tanks that store and pump the required water directly to indoor sprinkler systems in the event of a fire.

Rainbow Reservoirs is an ASIB listed and approved supplier

Tailored to your needs

An essential part of the water tank design, and the main reason for commissioning certified ASIB suppliers, is to understand how the building could respond to a fire. For this reason, we assess your premises – the type and size – to provide you with a design and installation that offers optimal efficiency and fire-safety compliance. Commissioning a non-certified supplier may put the safety of your facility at risk and result in insurance claims not paying out.

Thanks to our competent installation team, we rapidly install your ASIB-approved fire water tank on-site, ensuring that it is fully operational for immediate use. This includes meeting all water pressure, flow rate and sprinkler duration requirements for your building. Our water tanks use customised vortex inhibitors and include control valves, water level indicators, safety ladders, inspection hatches, overflow pipes and drainage systems that all work together to ensure the safety of your building.

Dual usage water tanks

The quality design of our tanks do not only meet the strict ASIB standards but offer premium drinking water solutions. Its multi-purpose design lets you harvest rainwater for drinking water purposes. The collected water never comes into direct contact with the strong outer Aluzinc-coated steel, which makes it safe for drinking – clean, untainted and odourless. 

To learn more about Rainbow Reservoirs’ ASIB-approved fixed fire protection water tanks, get in touch and let us know how we can assist you in getting started. Our tanks are professionally designed and engineered from top quality materials, with quick on-site installation for immediate use. Tanks are available in capacities ranging from 9000 to over 4 million litres.


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