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Don’t let your business come under fire

With fire posing a significant threat to infrastructure and human lives, fire safety and construction agencies are increasing the call for advanced fire-fighting and sprinkler systems that are supplied by dedicated fire protection tanks. Public buildings such as shopping and entertainment centres, hospitals, schools, apartment buildings, government facilities and office blocks are required have certified fire protection installations on their premises.

Rainbow Reservoirs is a member of the Fire Protection Association of South Africa and an Automated Sprinkler Inspection Bureau (ASIB) accredited supplier of fire sprinkler tanks. ASIB sets out strict regulations for the proper design and installation of fire protection and fire sprinkler systems.

Founded in 1970 by a number of short-term insurance companies, ASIB was formed due to the requirement, then and now, of a uniform inspection standard for fire protection – even though insurance premiums and ratings may vary in respect of each company.

These fire sprinkler regulations are instituted on internationally recognised standards and codes, and are concurrent with construction methods and climatic conditions prevalent in South Africa. The rules are committee-approved and are recognised by many international bodies.

ASIB certification is practically the only way to ensure that an installed system is compliant with universally recognised standards, rules and criteria. Clearance gained through ASIB is indicative of adhering to the highest fire prevention standards. Since its inception, averaging four-thousand inspections per annum, ASIB has no recorded loss under normal fire conditions of a structure with a Clearance Certificate in place.

Rainbow Reservoirs is a South African manufacturer, supplier and installer of premium quality, anti-corrosive Aluzinc steel fire protection tanks compliant with 12th Edition Rules.

Our modular, bolted-steel tanks are prefabricated to facilitate quick, on-site installation and rapid commissioning. Fire tanks of any required volume are configured to suit the terrain and space available, and can be colour matched with adjacent structures. Our products are in daily use throughout Africa and beyond.

Our engineer-designed fire protection tanks are tough, durable and capable of withstanding South Africa’s harshest conditions. Associated features such as vortex inhibitors customised to optimise flow rate, flow control valves, water level indicators, safety ladders, inspection hatches, overflows and drainage systems integrate seamlessly to ensure that our fire tanks can be relied upon to respond to fire-related incidents immediately and with maximum efficiency.

From initial enquiry to design, layout and installation of fixed fire protection tanks, customers can be assured of expert advice and exceptional service from the Rainbow Reservoirs team.

For more information about Rainbow Reservoirs Fire Protection Tanks, call +27 (0)11 965 6016 or 082 550 7559, or contact us via our contact page.

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Don’t let your business come under fire With fire posing a significant threat to infrastructure and human lives, fire safety and construction agencies are increasing

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