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Water Storage Tanks – A Great Way to Save Water

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Water storage tanks are cost effective storage containers used for numerous residential and industrial purposes such as drinking water, rainwater harvesting, low cost housing developments, mining industries, farming and governmental projects, fire protection, hospitals, harbors, and rural areas, to name a few. These tanks require little or no maintenance due to their galvanized finishing, and are unaffected by ultra-violet or light penetration. They keep water safe from various fungal and bacterial contamination, hence preventing water borne diseases. They also keep the temperature of the water moderate, odorless, and colorless. They are built with high quality mechanical designing, ensuring a longer life span.

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The panels of water storage tanks are made of a minimum thickness of 1mm and are built using a high quality structural steel plate and zincalume alloy, which keeps the tank from corroding and has a strengthening profile. They are assembled with extreme precision and are available in many colors.

The inner liner is usually made of 75mm linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) and is food and drinking water grade certified. It has exceptional strength and flexibility, high impact and puncture resistance, and high temperature capability. It does not change the taste or color of the water stored inside and is chemical-resistant as well as completely inert. Such quality features increase the water storage tanks life by 10 years.

The roof of water storage tanks are built of low-height profile, galvanized channeled steel, and hot-dip galvanized, tubed steel roof trusses. The roof is usually square shaped which adds to the strength of the tank and keeps contamination out of reach. It also has an optional gutter system for rainwater collecting, depending on your individual needs.

Other Components

High tensile nuts and bolts of water storage tanks are used throughout the assembly process. Each item is hot-dipped and galvanized for optimized corrosion resistance. Polyethylene bolt cap covers provide an added safety feature; these ‘round-off’ the final product, adding a professional touch to the overall aesthetic appeal of the tank.

The tanks stay erosion-resistant by an overflow flange and down-pipe which drains excess water from the reservoir. This feature also allows the option of easily attaching additional reservoirs to the tank as needed.  

Polyethylene 50mm outlet and 50mm ball valves are designed to prevent corrosion between the outlet and wall panel contacts. More importantly they are inert, leaving your water untainted.

Components needed when storing water

The access hatch is ergonomically designed with a sliding, hinge-free mechanism which provides access for inspection. The tanks are also built with a child-safe locking mechanism.

The ladder of the tank is composed of anti-corrosive, lightweight material, and is removable. It can be used internally and externally and is contoured to match the reservoir profile. Ladder soles are rubberized to prevent damage to the tank liner when used internally.

Water storage tanks also include level indicators which are designed to allow you to check the exact level of water in your reservoir from afar using a durable, non-corrosive measuring device. The level indicator is a simple system comprised of a floating weight and pulley. It does not require batteries and gives a very accurate temperature reading due to its design.

Camlock quick connection fittings are recommended for firefighting applications where fittings need to be connected or disconnected easily and quickly. For example, pumping units or filling of fire browsers.

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