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WATER SHORTAGES – THE EFFECT ON RURAL COMMUNITIES WITH NO DIRECT ACCESS TO CLEAN DRINKING WATER “In many countries, women are responsible for finding and fetching water upon which their families depend for drinking, washing, cooking, cleaning. They walk many miles, carry heavy burdens, wait their turn for ... Read More


Uses of Domestic water tanks Domestic water tanks are used to hold drinking water, help with rainwater collecting, and storing water for long-term use. Not all places have a large amount of water, and some homes may need domestic water tanks in order to provide adequate water to the home. If ... Read More


What you should know about industrial water reservoirs Industrial water reservoirs are used for storing water (and sometimes other fluids) for use in some industrial operations. These uses include agricultural reasons, bio-energy uses, and much more. These industrial water reservoirs come in a very wide variety of sizes and shapes. Larger ... Read More


Things to consider when choosing water tanks There are many different sizes of water tanks, and which one you buy will depend on your exact needs for water. While some homes or businesses may only use twenty gallons a day, many other businesses and homes may use significantly less or significantly ... Read More