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CAPE DROUGHT – THE LAST DROPS…In the words of Benjamin Franklin “When the well runs dry, we’ll know the worth of water”. And that’s what’s happening in Cape Town with the Cape Drought! According to experts, Cape Town’s reservoirs and dams are currently only 11% full. The last 10% is ... Read More


Industrial water tanks Polokwane The images below are of two large HT460/5’s industrial Rainbow water tanks that have been installed for Enterprise in Polokwane, Limpopo. Powder coated in the colour slate, these two large water storage tanks hold over half a million litres each, 524 500 litres to ... Read More



ASIB Approved

by Rainbow Tanks / November 29, 2016 / Uncategorized
Fire Protection TanksWith more and more businesses affected by fires, South African businesses are being urged to comply with fire regulations. Business owners are at risk of major financial loss without suitable fire protection systems. Rainbow Reservoirs is leading manufacturer and supplier of ASIB approved Fire Protection Tanks in Africa. For quotes ... Read More


The 24th September was Heritage Day, now called National Braai Day and September is Heritage Month. But do we know what we celebrate and why we celebrate this day, as we happily congregate around braai-fires waving the South African flag?Brought about by Nelson ... Read More


Whats the difference between domestic/household tanks and plastic water tanks? Rainbow Reservoirs 9,500 litre Zincalume steel tanks are becoming a preferred choice for domestic/household water storage from boreholes and rainwater harvesting from household roofs in water-scarce areas.Built of ... Read More