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Water usage per capita in South Africa235 litres - the average daily water usage per capita in South Africa 87 litres - the water (level 4b restrictions) allowance daily per capita in Cape Town 173 litres - the average daily water usage per capita in the worldThe numbers above ... Read More


ALERT FROM THE RANDBURG CHAMBER OF COMMERCE NO MORE FREE WATER IN JHB FROM 1 JULY 2017 ONWARDS   The City of Johannesburg has announced its new tariffs as of 1 July 2017 for all services (and taxes). The approved water tariffs provide ... Read More


CAPE TOWN NEEDS WATER STORAGE TANKSWater storage tanks, dams and reservoirs in Cape Town are at critical levels – down to 20% with the last 10% being unusable. So effectively, Cape Town water levels are at 10%! Yet, in spite appeals water users decrease their consumption, usage has increased by ... Read More


CAPE DROUGHT – THE LAST DROPS…In the words of Benjamin Franklin “When the well runs dry, we’ll know the worth of water”. And that’s what’s happening in Cape Town with the Cape Drought! According to experts, Cape Town’s reservoirs and dams are currently only 11% full. The last 10% is ... Read More


Industrial water tanks Polokwane The images below are of two large HT460/5’s industrial Rainbow water tanks that have been installed for Enterprise in Polokwane, Limpopo. Powder coated in the colour slate, these two large water storage tanks hold over half a million litres each, 524 500 litres to ... Read More