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Rainbow Reservoirs is the original supplier of Zincalume® steel, bolted-panel tanks in Africa. Our liquid storage systems are used widely across the continent by satisfied customers in domestic, rural and commercial applications and are utilised extensively in the mining, industrial and agricultural sectors.

At Rainbow Reservoirs we do not believe in skill dilution or casting the widest net. Instead, we believe that superior quality, total attention to detail, exemplary service and supreme expertise can only be properly attained by dedicated commitment to a specific range of the highest quality tanks available: Zincalume® bolted-panel tanks.

In 2003, Wayne Thompson, Managing Director of Rainbow Reservoirs, had the vision and foresight to register Skywater Dimensions t/a Rainbow Reservoirs CC. He was concerned about the apparent lack of sustainable water utilisation in Southern Africa believing that this may have been due to a dearth of affordable, high-quality water storage systems available in the region at the time.

The opportunity arose for Wayne to form a strategic alliance with Brian van Rooyen of Heritage Tanks, Australia, a leading manufacturer and supplier of tanks of the highest quality on that continent. With his generous assistance, guidance and expert advice, Rainbow Reservoirs installed their first Zincalume®, bolted-panel tanks in South Africa that conformed in every way to the exacting standards synonymous with those of Heritage Tanks.

Wayne has a strong conviction about the conservation of water. “Water is crucial for life on earth! Access to water is the one of the most pressing issues of the 21st century. With exploding population growth and rapidly growing economies in Africa, it is crucial that we as a continent develop a strong ethic towards water conservation. It is ironic that we consider it important to conserve all manner of things such as wildlife, natural places and even buildings, yet conserving water is at the bottom of our conservation-priorities list… this in spite of the fact that we are on the brink of a global water crisis”.

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Today we are the leading supplier of quality water tanks in Africa
Says Wayne, “Nowadays, a greater sense of responsibility towards rainwater storage and water conservation is driving the mounting necessity for cost effective water storage tanks and reservoirs so that this precious resource may be configured for future use. Rainbow Reservoirs not only provides simple, durable solutions that are reliable and maintenance free, but more importantly, our reservoirs provide long-lasting, “peace-of-mind’ solutions when it comes to liquid or water storage.”

As water storage tank suppliers and manufacturers, every component of our tanks is meticulously sourced and inspected to ensure top quality before installation. Our highly experienced and professional assembly teams are a ‘get-it-right-the-first-time’ gang. They take immense pride in their quality of workmanship and comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Act 85 of 1993.

Our reservoirs comply fully with international standards applicable to storage systems in this category.

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