Water Tanks South Africa - The Biggest Range on Water Storage Tanks

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Water tanks south africa
Water tanks south africa
Water Reservoirs
Water Reservoirs
Water Reservoirs
Water Reservoirs

Water Tanks From Rainbow Reservoirs.

Rainbow Reservoirs is a supplier of the highest quality Zincalume® water storage tanks for liquid or water storage solutions in Africa.

Being water storage tank manufacturers, we design and build your reservoir as a no-maintenance, hassle-free system that is rugged, dependable and visually attractive, at the same time capable of withstanding the harshest environment.

Why Use our Water Storage Tanks

As tank suppliers, we ensure that every reservoir suits your specific requirements perfectly and that your stored, potable drinking water is clean and odourless.

Agricultural and commercial bulk storage, heavy-duty industrial waste water applications, specialised ASIB approved steel fire protection tanks – we have a solution for your explicit requirements and design specifications.

Our water storage reservoirs are of the highest quality.

And that’s why we’re considered the leading brand in our category; because our water tanks and fire tanks consistently deliver both the diversity of application and range of capacities to suit your specific needs… and budget!

For the best in quality water tanks and water storage solutions:

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Email: sales@rainbowres.com

#1 in Water Reservoirs

water tanks south africa


water storage tanks

Rainwater harvest Calculator.

What we can offer you!

Our extensive and extremely satisfied customer base throughout Africa will attest to the high quality and standards that underpin the ethos of our Company and the personalised service for which we are renowned.

  • 9,000 litres to over 2 million litres
  • Walls of anti-corrosive Zincalume® coated steel
  • Heavy duty, potable/food grade liners of the highest quality (more)
  • Steel dome roof with optional gutter system for rainwater harvesting (more)
  • Durable, no-maintenance components throughout (more)
  • Various colour options to suite your preference (more)
  • Quick, economical on-site assembly (more)
  • Tanks under 400,000 litres require no concrete foundation! (more)
  • Permanent or temporary installation – option to relocate
  • Modular. Flat-packed for easy transport and export
  • DIY option
  • 12 year warranty!

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At Rainbow Reservoirs meeting our client’s individual needs and individual specifications is what we do best because we know that the needs of clients are never the same. Our product range of water tanks and water reservoirs are available for a wide number of purposes including industrial use, commercial use, domestic use and agricultural use.

It is a well-known fact that the use of water is increasing worldwide and that water shortages are becoming more common place. A tank and a water reservoir is able to store rainwater for later use. This means that you will never run short on water and you will never again have to worry about your water supply being cut off again. Regardless of whether you are a private individual or a business, having a tank or investing in a water reservoir will help you to cut back on costs and save some money each month. We offer the best prices on warranty backed water tanks for sale in South Africa.

What are the benefits of buying and using a water storage tank?

Tanks are usually used to store rain water when they are placed on a private property, both in town and on farms. When there are times of drought the water tank is the perfect solution to your water needs as you will be able to use the water for whatever needs you might have. Water tanks and water reservoirs will also enable you to carry out your construction plans and prevent setbacks as you will not have to stop building operations simply because you are not able to use water provided by the municipality.
In the private home, the water from a tank can be filtered and used as drinking water in the home. The installation of a water tank is pretty easy to do which means you can start saving on your water bill immediately. And to make having a water tank even more attractive for your home, a water tank will add value to your property.

Water tanks and water reservoirs from Rainbow Reservoirs

The water reservoirs and the water tanks that are available from Rainbow Tanks are designed to be highly durable which is great as South Africa often experiences extremes when it comes to weather, with exceptionally hot summers and in some regions icy cold winters. The water tanks and the water reservoirs are manufactured to be able to survive the harsh environment in which they are placed. They are easy in install and they are reasonably priced to fit any budget.

At Rainbow Tanks we want you to be able to find the water tank or the water reservoir that will work for you and give you the water storage services that you need. When it comes to water tanks South Africa, our customers appreciate the myriad of benefits our products come with.
Finding the right water tank or water reservoir for your industry.

Speak to our sales agents about water tanks on sale.

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